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In This Issue

1) 2013 Great Idea Contest Winners Announced

2) 2014 Screenwriting & TV Writing - Deadline March 1st

3) Script Sales - January

4) One-Day Workshop - March 1st: "Selling TV"

5) Must-Read Scripts: "Lost - Pilot"

Recent Script Pipeline Success Stories

- Long-time Script Pipeline reader and former Workshop "Recommend" Scott Parisien sold his thriller script Incision to Loesch Productions. Another thriller, Silas, is currently in pre-production with Mad Samurai. From Scott: "The last year has been quite exciting to say the least. I just finished a new horror spec that is my best work yet, and Script Pipeline has been the anchor for it all."

- Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest winner Tripper Clancy was hired to write Shedd for Paramount Animation. Academy Award-winning director John Kahrs will helm the project, based on a pitch by Paramount President Adam Goodman. Tripper also has numerous other projects in development, including his 2010 Pipeline contest-winning screenplay Henry the Second.

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2013 Great Idea Contest Winners Announced

The conclusion to the 2013 Great Movie and TV Show Idea Contests proved that fresh thinking and hitting the sweet spot between marketability and originality is alive and well.

Winning entries for Movie & TV Idea included a broad, studio-level comedy feature, and a TV series that pushes the boundaries of a typical network or cable mystery/thriller. Both were considered top-notch pitches.

"What's great about the winners this year is how they both sit in that 'Goldilocks zone' of movie or TV ideas," said Script Pipeline Director of Development Matt Misetich. "In other words, they're not too experimental or far-fetched, and they're not too genric. Both writers clearly put some time into these, really understanding the market they're targeting. Same for the runners-up."

Mark Stouffer, who won with his pitch Wild & Wilder, had been fine-tuning the concept for years.

"Just one day after winning, their creative team is already working with me to refine and ready my project pitch for presentation to top-tier producers," Mark said. "$35 to enter that Contest was the best investment I've made in a long time."

A four-time Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition finalist, Kevin Jones finally broke through to claim first place in a Pipeline competition. Judges considered his TV series pitch Horizon a concept ripe for further development. Something Kevin envisioned from the start:

"Horizon is, interestingly enough, a point of convergence in my journey, a story that finally marries the more subtle, character-centric elements typical of my writing with the kind of giant, spectacular adventure I've wanted to tell since I was a kid. I've been entering and placing in contests for several years now. Through each of those 'almosts,' I've uncovered my strengths, found my voice, defined my realm. . . . It's all led to this, and I'm excited to see where things go from here."

The runners-up for Movie Idea: Shawn Holmes, with a crime/noir thriller, and Heather Thompson, who managed to secure two runner-up spots, with a thriller and a horror pitch. For TV, a crime/dramedy from a writing team, the Affolter brothers, was selected alongside a sci-fi procedural crime/drama and a comedy that should appeal to either network or cable.

"To win or place in this contest requires you to have a solid indication of who your audience is and how your story is different from the thousands of other pitches out there," Misetich added.

For a full list of contest results, as well as randomly-selected prize winners, visit the respective Idea Contest pages: Interviews with the winners to be posted in a few weeks.

The 2014 Great Movie and Great TV Show Idea seasons will open on February 15th and run until June.

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2014 Screenwriting & TV Writing - Deadline March 1st

Submit Your Script Here

Early deadline for the 2014 Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions is less than four weeks away. Over $20,000 in cash awarded to the winning entries, and ALL finalists receive a free entry to the Secret Door Pitchfest in Los Angeles this August. 

Industry execs reviewing winning scripts this season include:

Tripp Vinson - Journey to the Center of the Earth
Jake Wagner - Benderspink
Michael McKay - Lakeshore Entertainment
David Boxerbaum - Paradigm
Sean McKittrick - Donnie Darko
Michael Ohoven - Capote
Kevin Turen - Infinity
Brooklyn Weaver - Energy Entertainment
Irene Yeung - Vertigo Entertainment
Christina Frieberg - Mosaic Media

Former winners have gone on to find representation, secure option agreements, and move their projects into production. In total, writers discovered and developed by Script Pipeline have earned over $5 million in script sales and garnered numerous awards in festivals worldwide.



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Script Sales - January


Script Pipeline contest winner Tripper Clancy, who in December sold The Ambassadors to Fox, will write Shedd for Paramount Animation, based on an original idea from Paramount President Adam Goodman. Announced last year, Choose Your Own Adventure is a go, from the series allowing readers to "control" their story--although chances are the theater audience won't control the plot of the movie (maybe someday). Divergent, written by Script Pipeline alum Evan Daugherty, will have its sequel, Insurgent, re-written by Akiva Goldsman. Brian Duffield penned the original draft.  Thor 3 is set, and Daniel Craig will star in a spy thriller where his name is something other than James Bond.

Other script sales include:

- Chip N' Dale and the Rescue Rangers get their first mainstream feature break. The project will be mixed live-action/CGI.

- The sports drama The Battered Bastards of Baseball, from a true story most baseball fans aren't even familiar with.

- Spielberg to produce the period action/drama Montezuma, based on the original script by Dalton Trumbo (yes, the Dalton Trumbo).

- Tripp Vinson and Benderspink to co-produce the musical Disney comedy Bob: The Musical, written by Allan Loeb.

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One-Day Workshop - March 1st: "Selling TV"


A special invitation from Dave. . . .

Some of my writers, with whom I do one-on-one consulting, have requested we start up a workshop for tv writing. Although my first love is and will always be film, there are simply more opportunities to sell material in television. And because I’m actively pitching television myself, and have a strong sense of what the broadcast and cable nets are looking for, we thought it made sense to share career advice and kickstart the tv writers workshop series.

The first half of the day will cover the business side of tv which will include topics such as:  

*what each network is looking for (many cable networks send out breakdowns)
*pitching, how long, how to write a pitch doc (you still pitch even if you write a spec)
*show bibles - examples of good ones and how they can help
*specs- format, act breaks (networks have different formats)
*attachments - showrunners, producers, veteran writers

The second half of the day will be a creative session in which I will lead the group in a discussion of each of your show concepts. You DO NOT need to have a pilot written- only a show idea is required. I’ll be accepting all materials including pilots, features, treatments, show bibles, first act pages of the pilot script, and short synopses. 

 We plan to limit the group to 8-10 writers in order to spend ample time on each writer’s show concept.  Writers will be vetted in advance via a preliminary call. We’re only looking for strong writers with strong concepts.

I’m going to try (no promises), to have a professional tv writer or literary rep stop by the workshop to say a few words and answer questions.

Dave Kline

TV Writing Workshop

When: Saturday, March 1 - 11:00-5:00pm

Where: Script Pipeline Office - Santa Monica, CA

Cost: $245

To reserve a spot or for more information, please contact Note that the group is limited to 10 writers. We have 6 spots remaining as of Friday, 2/7.

Chadwick Clough and Dave Kline co-founded Script Pipeline in 2000. Dave is currently SP Senior Script Consultant with an emphasis on writing classes and one-on-one script consultations. He is also a writer, having sold his tv series, DETAIL to CBS in 2011. He has developed projects with numerous production companies including Rough House (Danny McBride), Mosaic (Bad Teacher), and Le Grisbi (John Lesher’s company). His latest pilot is being produced by Le Train Train (Rashida Jones).

For more info on reserving a script or pitch consultation with Dave Kline, visit: Writing Consultations

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Must-Reads Scripts: "Lost - Pilot"

It's overwritten, far too long for a typical one-hour pilot, the writing itself is dense, the whole thing reads like a novel. . . and yet, it's absolutely gripping.

The pilot for Lost at first seems to defy everything you learned in TV Writing 101, but at the same time, gives the reader a clear expectation of where the show is going, who the major players will be, why this would not be the typical disaster story, and such a unique sense of tone and atmosphere, it's no wonder Lost ended up becoming one of the greatest--if not the greatest--one-hour dramas of all time. All bookended by the first of many (many) cliffhangers, and a line that would sufficiently sum up the series as a whole: "Guys--where are we?"

Read the "Lost" Pilot

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"You can't change the world with a screenplay, but you can change the way your audience perceives the world." - The Pipeline Fox

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