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1) CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2014 First Look Project

2) CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2014 Idea Contests

3) Script Sales - February

4) 1-On-1 Consultations - Book for March / April

5) Must-Read Scripts: "Sideways"

Recent Script Pipeline Success Stories

- Script Pipeline Screenwriting finalist Craig Weeden and comic veteran Jimmy Palmiotti (Ultimate Spider-man, Jonah Hex) optioned an adaptation of Painkiller Jane to Solipsist Films, the production company behind Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Weeden is also in development on multiple feature and television projects.

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2014 First Look Project



The 3rd Annual First Look Project, presented by Script Pipeline, fulfills the current requests of studios and top-tier production companies by finding new, high-concept material across four main categories:

Feature Screenplay | Adaptation | Media | Teleplay

Supported by Vinson Films, Green Hat Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, Paradigm, and Benderspink, the goal of the competition is to present the best scripts and ideas to major companies. The winner in each category receives personal development assistance from Script Pipeline's executive team, followed by meetings to discuss potential production. This unique process is the most significant reason Pipeline writers have found representation and sold over $5 million in specs to studios in the last few years alone.


All entries must be considered "studio-level"--in other words, concept, writing ability, and a stellar understanding of genre will take precedence. Any genre, any budget, and anyone can enter, both amateur writers and those who have had their work produced or published.

This is an international competition, and writers worldwide are welcome to submit.


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CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2014 Great Movie & TV Idea Contests

Enter the 2014 Great Idea Competition

Enter the 2014 Great Idea Competition



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Script Sales - February


At long last: a movie about the early video game industry. Console Wars will pit Nintendo versus Sega, the fantasy of every 80s video game geek. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg directing--arguably, an ideal choice. Based on, if not very loosely, Dennis Rodman's exploits in North Korea, Peter Chernin is producing the comedy Diplomats. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill together again for a film based on Olympic hero-turned-terrorism-suspect Richard Jewell.  And amongst a handful of drama and crime novel adaptations, a few no-brainer sequels: We're the Millers, Space Jam (long overdue), and The Lego Movie.

Other script sales include:

- Sony will produce the horror The Bringing, based on the real-life mystery (and perhaps supernatural event) of a woman found dead in an LA hotel.

- Even older video games are entirely adaptable: Vertigo and Warner Bros. taking the helm on the action/adventure Minecraft.

- Still alive and kicking in development: a feature version of Stephen King's The Stand.

- Having basically conquered the women's MMA world, Ronda Rousey will star in the action/thriller The Athena Project.

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1-On-1 Script Consultations - Book for March / April

Now taking reservations for one-on-one phone consultations for March and April with Script Pipeline Co-founder and Senior Consultant Dave Kline. Get your script or movie/TV idea reviewed in depth before entering competitions and circulating your material. "Recommend" and "Consider" projects are given industry exposure.

Availability is LIMITED. Email to request a date.


Chadwick Clough and Dave Kline co-founded Script Pipeline in 2000. Dave is currently Script Pipeline's Senior Script Consultant with an emphasis on writing classes and one-on-one consultations. He is also a writer, having sold his TV series, DETAIL to CBS in 2011. He has developed projects with numerous production companies including Rough House (Danny McBride), Mosaic (Bad Teacher), and Le Grisbi (John Lesher’s company). His latest pilot is being produced by Le Train Train (Rashida Jones).

For more info on reserving a script or pitch consultation with Dave Kline, visit: Writing Consultations

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Must-Read Scripts: "Sideways"


On the surface, it's a story about relationships and useless babbling about wine. Beneath the surface, it's one of the most relevant character studies in the history of dramedies, touching upon so many issues plaguing the modern human condition it's like one, big cinematic therapy session.

In a way, Sideways changed how audiences perceived independent film as a whole--that "indies," for whatever definition you prescribe, can be the best of both worlds. While the film is not quite a romantic comedy, there's an underlying idea here that romance is, by definition, imperfect. So are careers, and marriages. And life. Yes, that's all obvious. And a little stale. But the way Alexander Payne and Rex Pickett detail these two men, Miles and Jack, as wayward heroes who are neither heroic nor anti-heroic lends a certain realism to the whole story, and in the process, sort of skews the genre. Each scene has a certain compelling normalcy, where seemingly dull conversations have a life and meaning of their own. If nothing else, this is dialogue writing at its finest.

While we may not sympathize with the characters' situations precisely, we've all been there to varying extents. Provided we're of a certain age, anyway. Because like a vintage Pinot, Sideways is best consumed by those with the experience to understand the complexities of what it's all about.

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