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1) Late Deadlines: 5/7 & 5/20 - Screenwriting & TV Writing

2) Writers Workshop Notes: 20% Off (expires May 15th)

3) Script Sales - April

4) Recommended Partner Contest: Three Lines or Less

5) Must-Read Scripts: "Homeland - Pilot"

Recent Script Pipeline Success Stories

- Script Pipeline "Recommend" and former Writers Workshop Senior Analyst Scott Parisien was hired as a co-writer on the upcoming project Enemy Aliens, which is moving forward toward production. Ryan Boyko attached to produce and direct the Canadian project.

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Late Deadlines: 5/7 & 5/20 - Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions


EXTENDED DEADLINE (Withoutabox only): May 20th

Submit a Screenplay | Submit a TV Script

Late deadline for the 2014 Script Pipeline International Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions is Wednesday (midnight, PST) May 7th, with an extended deadline, through Withoutabox only, until May 20th.

Winning entries are awarded over $20,000, and ALL finalists receive one-on-one, personalized development assistance from Pipeline execs prior to industry circulation.

Other upcoming Script Pipeline competitions include the 2014 First Look Project, the 2014 Great Movie & TV Show Idea Contests, and the 1st Annual Book Pipeline contest for fiction and non-fiction writers.

"Script Pipeline introduced me to a manager a few weeks after the contest, helping launch my professional career as a screenwriter."
- Evan Daugherty (Divergent, Snow White and the Huntsman)

"I cannot underestimate the impact that Script Pipeline has had on my writing career. Winning the contest directly led to my new representation, which in turn led to working with studios such as 20th Century Fox."
- Tripper Clancy (The Ambassadors, Winter Break, Shedd)


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Writers Workshop Offer: 20% Off Script Notes

Screenplay coverage

Submit by May 15th

Use promo code "Fox14" during registration. Applies to Development Notes and Studio Style Coverage.

200+ companies review Workshop "Recommend" scripts, including Paradigm, Lakeshore Entertainment, Benderspink, Vinson Films, and more.

Writers Database members receive the extra 20% off in additional to the normal discounted member rate. Not yet a member? Sign up for the Database here. 


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Script Sales - April


It took a while, about 20 years to be exact, but Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire will grace a new generation of audiences in need of a great family (well, family-ish) comedy. Tripp Vinson (Vinson Films) to produce the Universal sci-fi project Terrestrial. Still in its early stages: Brian Grazer co-producing a film about Dodgers star Yasiel Puig's escape from Cuba to become one of the biggest sensations in baseball. Flash Gordon and Barbie will get adaptations--probably no crossover movie any time soon. And the multi-talented Ellen Page will (thankfully) star in an action movie, Queen and Country.

Other script sales include:

- Legendary actor John Cleese makes a return to the screen in the spy comedy The B Team.

- Masters of the Universe, a draft of which was previously written by Script Pipeline contest winner Evan Daugherty, still moving forward in development with Sony.

- Battlestar Galactica made for an incredible series, so why not make a feature? Universal producing.

- JJ Abrams taking the helm on the low-budget thriller Valencia, which surely promises to be another fresh concept from Bad Robot.

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Recommended Partner Contest: Three Lines or Less

TLLjournal’s Logline Contest 

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How much will you spend (again) this season on contest entry fees? How often have you placed and/or received a prize from those contests? How many screenplay requests have you received as a result of entering those contests? If you answered "too much", "never" and "none", you might want to give our logline contest a shot.

Entry into the contest is a mere $10. But cheap doesn’t mean worthless. Since April of 2011, over $31k in prizes have been handed out to the contest's finalists. Prizes are provided by Script Pipeline, The Writers Store, SellAScript, StoryPros, Michael Hauge and Scripped. Finalists have received 272 (and counting) script requests and have gained representation from reputable companies such as Bogner Entertainment/Relativity Media, Anonymous Content, Management SGC, and Branded Pictures Entertainment, amongst others. It’s a small investment for a potentially huge reward—a career as a screenwriter.


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Must-Read Scripts: "Homeland"

Not only a stellar example of plotting and character setup, the script is a paradigm for style--quick-paced, vividly detailed, and absolutely compelling from scene to scene. Claire Danes' incredible talent as an actress, the character of Carrie Mathison is so uniquely drawn, she almost carries the series on her back, creating a refreshing take on the genre. A female protagonist who is neither an over-the-top stereotype, nor what has soon become a 21st century cliche: putting the focus on a woman cast as a hero previously reserved for males. Because that's not what this story is about. And this realism (or apparent realism) brings a certain authenticity to the first episode, setting a suitable framework for the tone of the series.

As great as its predecessors were (24, most notably), this is a political action/thriller for the next generation, a rare example where, judging by the pilot alone, it's no wonder why it has gone on to become one of the most riveting shows on television.  

Read the "Homeland" Pilot Script

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