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1) Deadline 6/15: Great Idea Contests, First Look Project

2) Tripper Clancy Interview - The Script Lab

3) Script Sales - May

4) Recommended Site: ScriptAngel

5) Must-Read Scripts: Game of Thrones

Recent Script Pipeline Success Stories

- Tripper Clancy, winner of the 2010 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, will write the action-adventure comedy Stranded, with Kevin James (Grown Ups, The King of Queens) attached to star in the Sony Pictures film. Tripper is rep'd by Pipeline partner Jake Wagner (Benderspink) and UTA.

- 2013 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest winner Morgan Von Ancken signs with UTA.

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Deadline 6/15: Great Idea Contests, First Look Project

DEADLINE: June 15th

Pitching to the industry is how films and TV shows get made. Now's your chance to join other Script Pipeline contest winners who sold a total of $5 million in specs to studios since 2003.

The Great Movie and TV Show Idea Contests connect you with studio-level producers looking for new concepts to develop, such as industry veterans Lakeshore Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, and Benderspink. The old adage "there are no rules in Hollywood" applies here: any subject matter or genre accepted. One (1) grand prize winner and three (3) runners-up are announced in EACH contest.



The 3rd Annual First Look Project, presented by Script Pipeline, fulfills the current requests of studios and top-tier production companies by finding new, high-concept material from writers and filmmakers across four main categories:

Feature Screenplay | Adaptation | Media | Teleplay    

Supported by Vinson Films, Green Hat Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, Paradigm, and Benderspink, the goal of the competition is to present the best scripts and ideas to major companies.

The winner in each category receives personal development assistance from Script Pipeline’s executive team, followed by meetings to discuss potential production.


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Tripper Clancy Interview - The Script Lab

Currently writing the animated comedy Shedd for Paramount and the action/adventure Sony Pictures comedy Stranded, starring Kevin James, Script Pipeline alum Tripper Clancy was interviewed by The Script Lab, where he shared some background on how he cracked into the industry.

The Script Lab: Originally, there were some big wins with Script Pipeline. How did you find them and first get connected with them? And what kind of success followed you winning their 2010 Screenwriting Contest?   

Tripper: Up until then I had always viewed screenplay competitions as a waste of time because it doesn't really affect anything, or at least that's what I thought. I had been out here a few years (Los Angeles) and I had gone through a couple agents and a couple managers and I was trying to write that big summer blockbuster spec and I wrote this one script that was this small budget, indie script that was called Henry the Second and it's still one of the most favorite things I've ever written. I showed it to my manager, and he didn't see any commercial appeal and it really bummed me out.

I then went online and submitted it to Script Pipeline and then six months later got an e-mail saying I was a finalist and I was like "whoa!" It was the spark I needed because it made me think "well, maybe I am right and my manager was wrong." Then my new manager came from that; my new agent came from that. Everything kind of took off. 


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Script Sales - May


Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition winner Evan Daugherty (Divergent) will write and direct an adaptation of the of the supernatural thriller Ink and Bone. Lee Clay (Beautiful Boy) to produce with The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films. Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) might have another shot at an Oscar nom in the teen drama Counting By 7's. And continuing the epic parade of sequels: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, World War Z, Independence Day, Spring Breakers, Mission: Impossible, V/H/S, and The Bourne Legacy. That's a lot for one month.  

Other script sales include:

- Based on a article, the self-explanatory romantic comedy The Craziest OkCupid Date Ever. Offspring Entertainment producing.

- Because it's never too early for a LeBron James biopic: a story about his days as a top high school basketball player. Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire) co-producing.

- Will Ferrell co-producing an animated feature of The Flintstones.

- Over 20 years after its release, Stephen King's intense thriller Gerald's Game will hit the screen.

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Recommended Partner Site: ScriptAngel

Script Angel will help you develop your screenwriting talent and improve the quality of your scripts.  We work with writers across the world, giving feedback on film and television scripts in every genre and style. We offer a range of services to screenwriters at every stage of their career; from those who have just written their first spec script to seasoned pros.

Founded by experienced Script Editor Hayley McKenzie, Script Angel provides a professional assessment of your script's strengths and weaknesses and offers constructive advice on specific steps you can take to improve it. Hayley also offers a personalised mentoring service which includes feedback on multiple projects as well as helping you to prioritise ideas, target your development and produce a strong portfolio of work to advance your screenwriting career.   
Hayley also offers advice to screenwriters through her Script Angel column in Script Mag and produces a monthly round-up of the best screenwriting contests on her Script Angel Blog.

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Must-Read Scripts: Game of Thrones

For the lavish, and often-times hopelessly brutal, HBO show Game of Thrones, the pilot is surprisingly rather timid--a word no fan would quickly associate with the most epic television series in recent memory.

The writing is direct and descriptive, lacking unnecessarily flourish, yet maintains a vivid sense of time and place without falling into the common trap of many period (or pseudo-period) pieces: overwritten narrative description and equally overwritten dialogue. Not the case here. It's a script that's accessible to the most casual of script readers, a remarkable achievement given what must have been a knee-jerk inclination to glean too much from the George R.R. Martin spectacle.

There are, of course, many ways to successfully pull off a script of this nature, stylistically speaking. But for such a sprawling fantasy/adventure, introducing us to Westeros in the most straightforward way possible without losing the unique energy of the plot is a testament to the series as a whole. Simple in form, complex in its function. Much like the story itself.

Read the "Game of Thrones" Pilot Script

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