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Biggest Year Ever for Writer Alumni

Tripper Clancy (Screenwriting Competition Winner)

At the tail end of 2013 and into 2014, Tripper sold projects to 20th Century Fox (The Ambassadors), QED International (the pitch Winter Break), and will write the animated comedy Shedd for Paramount. It was announced in May he was on board to write the adventure/comedy Stranded for Sony Pictures, with Kevin James attached to star.

Tripper found management with Script Pipeline industry partner Jake Wagner (Benderspink) after winning the 2010 Screenwriting Contest. “I cannot underestimate the impact Script Pipeline has had on my writing career," Tripper said earlier this year. "Winning the contest directly led to my new representation, which in turn led to working with studios.”

Evan Daugherty (Screenwriting Competition Winner)

After co-writing the hit adaptation for Divergent and Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Evan will make his directorial debut on Ink and Bone for Dimension Films in 2015. 

With multiple projects in development at studios and TV networks, including Five Ghosts for Syfy, The Foundation for 20th Century Fox, Midnight Mass for NBC, and the event series Esmeralda for ABC, Evan is poised to continue his rise in 2015. 

Dennis Widmyer / Kevin Kolsch (Screenwriting Competition Finalists)

The writer/director duo signed with WME in November, after garnering considerable attention from their breakout hit film Starry Eyes, which premiered at SXSW and received favorable reviews from Entertainment WeeklyRogerEbert.comVariety, and critics nationwide. Placement on numerous year-end "Best Of" lists, including Buzzfeed's "19 Best Horror Movies of 2014," continue to push the film's popularity into 2015.

- Craig Weeden (Screenwriting Competition Finalist / "Recommend" Writer)

Teaming up with comic veteran Jimmy Palmiotti, Craig optioned the adaptation of Palmiotti’s Painkiller Jane in March to production company Solipsist Films (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For). Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary) attached to direct the "hard-R" project, which Jen Soska promised to be "unapologetically kick-ass." 

Other Script Pipeline "Recommend" writers and contest finalists:

- Morgan Von Ancken (Screenwriting Contest Winner) signed with industry powerhouse UTA. His script, the indie dramedy Cutting Numbers, was selected as the Grand Prize winner in 2013.

- Script Pipeline industry partners Marty Berneman, Eric Balfour, and Stephanie Varella (Off the Grid Entertainment) repping the TV project Breathers, a sci-fi/drama and Script Pipeline TV Competition finalist written by Will Wallace and based on the comic by Justin Madson.

- Marc Samson (Screenwriting Contest Winner) completed his micro-budget psychological thriller Where the Devil Dwells (view trailer).

- Writers Matt Altman and David Matalon, finalists of the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competitionsold their spec The Feud to Vandal Entertainment. 

- Debbie Lollie (First Look Project Winner) had her comedy script The Ex-Man optioned by NYC-based production company Property of a Gentleman, owned by writer/producer Bernard Urban.

- Former Script Pipeline Senior Analyst and “Recommend” writer Scott Parisien sold his thriller Incision to Loesch Productions in January. Another thriller, Silas, is in development with Mad Samurai. Scott is also writing the Canadian drama Enemy Aliens, based on a true story. He has multiple feature screenplays in various stages of pre-production.

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New Script Pipeline Website Launched

After several years with our previous site layout and design, a new Script Pipeline launched in September--along with a fresher logo (though we retained a semblance of the original fox).

Our script services and consultations received a minor overhaul. Prices were reduced across the board, and the services themselves were condensed to offer a more streamlined, efficient approach in getting your script prepared for industry circulation. Plans for a unique, year-long writer mentorship program were prepared in December. . . . More on that opportunity coming soon. 

Book Pipeline

Book Pipeline Competition Opens First Season

The 1st Annual Book Pipeline Competition debuted in April 2014 and drew over 560 novelists, playwrights, and other writers looking to adapt their work for film and television.

Due to such a strong interest, we decided to move forward with a comprehensive Book Pipeline site, which will offer adaptation consultation services, two annual competitions, and resources for writers looking to transition to screenwriting. As we've done for 14 years with Script Pipeline, Book Pipeline will allow writers of all backgrounds to connect with industry executives searching for fresh voices, emerging talent, and extraordinary stories.  

Planned launch date: February 28th. Results of the 2014 competition will be posted by March 1st.

Robin Hood

December 2014 Script Sales

It was a slower month for script sales (as Decembers usually are). Richard Tanne will write Southside with You, a romance based on Barack and Michelle Obama's first date. State Street Pictures and Paramount are moving forward with Zach Frenkel's 2013 Black List comedy Make a Wish. Ted Nusbaum sold his coming-of-age sports drama In the Crease, which takes place in the world of. . . .

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Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Myth of "Realistic" Writing

by Matt Misetich (Script Pipeline Director of Development)

“Just write it more realistic,” they said.

Makes sense. Realism. That’s like everyday stuff, right? Easy.

And then, maybe an hour later, you break down–this hollow, brink-of-tears, absurd frustration stemming neither from the sadness of failure nor the euphoria of success. Those would be concrete emotions. This is utter confusion—a special breed of creative annoyance impossible to solve. A riddle without an answer.

“Write something realistic,” you repeated aloud. “What does that mean? Am I living in reality right now?”

Yes. You are. Truth is. . . .

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Submit a Logline to LA Screenwriter

Script Pipeline is now one of sponsors for the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition, a monthly contest offering logline review to all entrants. Below are some logline tips from LA Screenwriter founder Angela Bourassa. . . .

The Six Cs of a Professional Logline

When you think you’ve written a logline that is worthy of your script, judge it against the six Cs of professional loglines:

Clearsimple to read, easily understood, and grammatically correct. One of the hardest parts of making your logline clear is figuring out how to distill complicated characters and their complicated problems down into one sentence. The key is getting down to the essence of your idea and leaving out the fluff.

Creative it feels unique OR like a fresh take on a common story. In a perfect world, your idea will feel original AND familiar -- the kind of idea that makes people say, “I can’t believe no one has made this yet.”

Complete it gets across all of the most important elements of the idea. A character and a crisis alone do not a movie make. Your logline should include a description of your main character, the world, the problem, and the stakes.

Concise high concept and to the point. Ideally, your logline should describe a high concept idea, range from 30-40 words, and only be one sentence.

Compellingattention-grabbing and full of emotionally charged language. Your logline should utilize words that elicit strong emotional reactions in your reader. What words will convey your script’s tone? What words will draw readers in?

Commerciallikely to draw the attention of producers, agents, or managers. Unless you’re making a film purely as an art piece, you’re hoping that people will pay money to watch it. That means it’s commercial, so it better appeal to wide audiences.

Once you believe your logline has the six Cs, take it for a test drive with the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition, a new monthly logline contest sponsored by Script Pipeline.