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Chasing Ghosts, written by former Script Pipeline contest winner Josh Chesler, will be released on April 21st, 2015. The film stars Tim Meadows (SNL), Toby Nichols, Robin Lively, and Frances Conroy.

"The team at Script Pipeline has been and continues to be immensely supportive of my writing career," said Josh. "They genuinely made me feel like I’m part of a writing community committed to helping everyone get one step closer to living their dreams."

Josh was a finalist in the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition and winner of the Great Movie Idea Contest with co-writer Paul Connor.

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First Look Project Results Announced 

After several months of reviewing over 1,000 entries, Script Pipeline has selected the winners of the 2014 First Look Project. Congratulations to all, and we look forward to reviewing more material for next year's competition.


Diary of a Jesuit (horror/thriller) by Arthur Fishel III


Plug (action/sci-fi)
Director: David Levy
Writers: Hatem Benabdallah, David Levy, and Bernard Lyall


Action / Adventure
Animal Heist by Aneesh Chaganty & Sev Ohanian 

The Chamber by Cord McConnell

Horror / Thriller
The Consultant by David Fairhurst

Sci-Fi / Fantasy
The Tesla Box by Kyle Francis


Savage (drama) by Stephanie Bousley

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The 2015 First Look Project opens April 15th


Interview: Josh Chesler

– Josh Chesler, writer of Chasing Ghosts starring Tim Meadows (SNL) and co-writer of Underground (Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition finalist), currently in pre-production with LAConfab Entertainment. His latest projects include the surreal adventure screenplay David P. Boorman and the Quest for Good News and the TV series Extractors, co-written with Paul Connor. Chasing Ghosts will be available for digital download and on VOD and DVD April 21.

Have your career goals always leaned toward film and writing?

From as early as I can remember, I was interested in writing and telling stories. I started reading at a very young age and began voraciously devouring books as well as movies. In junior high, I wrote a lot of short stories just for fun–most of which are thankfully stored on obsolete media that can never be recovered.

Then in high school, I had the good fortune of being able to take some film classes, which really changed my life and opened my eyes to what movies can be capable of–watching Kubrick, Godard, Hitchcock, and Lynch films at 14 was eye-opening, to say the least. That led me to apply to USC film school, where I majored in Film Production and really began to focus on writing in a whole new way. I came out of school determined to write and direct the kinds of films I wanted to see. . . .

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Screenwriting and TV Writing Deadline: May 1st


The 13th Annual Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest and 8th Annual TV Writing Contest continue a long tradition of discovering up-and-coming talent and connecting them with top producers, agencies, and managers across studio and independent markets. 

• $25,000 in cash to Screenwriting and TV Writing winners

• Consultations with Script Pipeline’s Director of Development and Senior Consultant

• Personal introductions to managers, producers, agents, and others searching for new screenplays.

• An opportunity to submit other material to Script Pipeline for internal review

• A reserved spot to the 2015 Secret Door Pitchfest as a recognized finalist

Our intent: to circulate exceptional material industry-wide, support our writers long-term, and help launch careers.

Final Deadline: May 1st, 2015

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March 2015 Script Sales

March was a great month for sci-fi writers, with numerous projects moving forward at different companies. Warner Bros. picked up Jim Uhls’ spec The Leviathan, Matt Savelloni’s horror/sci-fi spec Temple found a home at Erebus Pictures, Chris Hager’s spec Proxima is moving forward with David Lancaster and Jim Wedaa producing, and 20th Century Fox bought Dan Futterman’s dystopian spec A Shot in the Eye. Outside of the sci-fi world, Benderspink will produce Eric Bress’ spec thriller American Hostage, about home invaders who chose the wrong house. Finally, a few supernatural thriller specs are moving forward, including Descendent by Jeff Buhler and Realm by Rebecca Sonnenshine.

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Whiplash – Screenplay

Conflict is the bedrock of storytelling. Without conflict, there is no story. And without interesting characters, there is, naturally, no real reason to care.

Perhaps the best movie of 2014 (and certainly in contention for best of the decade), Whiplash not only has as much conflict as many summer blockbusters but also features two of the most interesting, intense characters in recent memory. Andrew, a music student, aspires to be the next Buddy Rich. Fletcher, his instructor, considers greatness not good enough and abuse the same as inspiration. What follows is one of the most unorthodox, fiercest, intense student-teacher relationships ever brought to screen. 

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