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FINAL DEADLINE: June 15th - Great Movie and TV Show Idea Contests

It all starts with an idea. . . what's yours?

The 8th Great Movie Idea and 6th Great TV Show Idea Contests connect the winners with top studio producers, including execs from Benderspink (We’re the Millers), Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar Baby), and other major motion picture companies looking for new concepts to develop. Any genre or subject matter accepted–just think big.

Since 2000, Script Pipeline has established relationships with hundreds of production companies, managers, and agents, resulting in $5 million in specs sold from previously undiscovered writers. The Great Idea Competitions look to not only increase that total but help visionary creatives expose their stories to the world.



Stop Trying to Win An Oscar

by Matt Joseph Misetich

Many years ago, in the quasi-rebellious suburbs of Los Angeles, I read somewhere that the first thing you should do before starting a screenplay is write your Oscar acceptance speech. It was the opening paragraph in one of the six billion books on screenwriting. I figured it had to be good advice.

And you know what? I did it. I wrote my Oscar speech, I wrote the script, and would later win an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Twice.

. . . please. I thought that recommendation was just as ridiculous when I was 17 as I do now.

Inevitably, the cat will slip and fall. All that matters is how he (or she) lands.

The intent is genuine, though. By many counts admirable. The point, of course, is . . . .

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May 2015 Script Sales

A few specs made it to the next step in May. Fox Searchlight picked up Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi’s Pale Blue Dot about a female astronaut whose life begins to unravel after she returns to Earth. Reese Witherspoon set to produce and star. Byron Willinger and Phil De Blasi’s NSA conspiracy thriller spec Command & Control found a home at Vandal Entertainment. Warner Bros. will oversee The Infinite Horizon, a post-apocalyptic Odyssey spec written by Ryan Condal and based on a graphic novel by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto. Finally, Jeff Morris’ The True Memoirs of an International Assassin, an action-comedy spec about an accountant/aspiring author who is mistaken for a contract killer, has found new life at Netflix after being initially set up in 2009. Kevin James attached to star. . . .

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2015 First Look Project – Early Deadline: August 1st

Script Pipeine's 4th Annual First Look Project is open for entries. Acceptable submission:

• Screenplays (see genre categories on site)

• Teleplays

• Adaptations

• Media (*including short films)

Supported by Green Hat FilmsLakeshore EntertainmentVertigo EntertainmentParadigmEnergy Entertainment, and Benderspink, the goal of the competition is to present the best scripts and ideas to major companies. The winner in each category receives a cash prize and personal development assistance from Script Pipeline’s executive team, followed by meetings with producers, managers, and agents.

With regards to judging, all entries must be considered “studio-level”--concept, writing ability, and a stellar understanding of genre will take precedence.

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Archer – Pilot

Take James Bond. Exaggerate all his negative traits. Turn his sexism, narcissism, alcoholism, egocentrism, bachelorism all up to eleven, add in a dash of Oedipus, and you'd get Sterling Archer.

Codenamed "Duchess" (the name of his mother's deceased dog and the show's original title), Sterling would be nothing more than an offensive 007 caricature in other hands, but creator Adam Reed deftly balances his protagonist's not-so-appealing lifestyle by imbuing Archer with a strong sense of empathy and making sure the joke always lands on him. It also helps that Archer is one of the funniest shows on television (deservingly, the show has won four consecutive Critics' Choice Awards for Best Animated Show and has been the only winner in that category since the award's inception.) But despite inspiration from Ian Fleming, Archer never resorts to simple Bond parodies, and the show would work even if Bond never existed. The reason? Archer has the most unique comedic voice on television.

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"The only thing more terrifying than success is squandering an opportunity due to a fear of the unknown." - @pipelinefox