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First Look Project: Submit a Genre Script, Original Pilot, or Short Film

Deadline: November 15th, 2015

The 2015 First Look Project presents the winning material to major companies, including Energy Entertainment, Benderspink, Darko Entertainment, Lakeshore Entertainment, and Paradigm, One winner in each category receives personal development assistance from Script Pipeline’s executive team, followed by meetings to discuss potential production. We also select up to 5 finalists in each category.


Action/Adventure – Benderspink and Vinson Films (Criminal)

Comedy – Benderspink (Vacation, Horrible Bosses 2)

Horror/Thriller – Lakeshore Entertainment (Underworld) and Darko Entertainment

Sci-fi/Fantasy – Lakeshore Entertainment (I, Frankenstein)

TELEPLAY – Energy Entertainment (Extant) and Paradigm

Original half-hour sitcoms, one-hour pilots, TV movies/mini-series, and pitches for television series. Live-action or animation. Spec scripts of existing shows or reality concepts will not be accepted. Must be for an original, scripted series.

ADAPTATION – Benderspink and Darko Entertainment

Includes fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novel adaptations for film and television. Public domain stories (i.e. Shakespeare, the Wizard of Oz series) are an option, too. 

MEDIA – Lakeshore Entertainment and Paradigm

Accepted submissions include any type of narrative or documentary web series or short. Live-action or animation, all genres accepted. For this category, it’s not entirely about the writing alone.Visuals and directing ability are taken into consideration as well. All submissions to this category must be “short-form,” as judging will focus exclusively on the content’s potential for film or television adaptation.


The Pipeline Fellowship - Apply Soon

Application Window Closes: December 15th, 2015

Announcements and Process: All applicants who submitted after September 1st are notified no later than the end of January by phone or email with an update on their status and whether or not they were selected. General feedback from our Director of Development and Senior Consultant is included as well. A complete list of Fellows is publicly announced in late February 2016.


Will McCormack – currently writing Toy Story 4 for Pixar. Will is an actor/writer who has appeared in The SopranosBrothers and SistersIn Plain Sight, and most recently wrote the film Celeste & Jesse Forever, starring Rashida Jones (The Office) and Andy Samberg (SNL).

Michael A. Lerner – most recently wrote the critically praised Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy, starring Elizabeth Banks, Paul Dano, and John Cusack. Michael is also tabbed to write the action/thriller The Risk Agent, with Vince Vaughn producing.

Dave Kline – co-founded Script Pipeline with Chad Clough in 2000 and is Pipeline’s Senior Consultant, helping writers hone their skills and break into the industry. Dave sold the one hour drama pilot Detail to CBS with CSI producer Anthony Zuiker and has developed projects with Rough House (Danny McBride), Mosaic (Bad Teacher), and Le Grisbi (John Lesher). His latest pilot is being produced by Le Train Train (Rashida Jones).

"As a writer, life is 98% assumed rejection, 1% confirmed rejection, and 1% that keeps you believing it's possible.The Script Pipeline Fellowship has given the encouragement, criticism, and guidance to keep the drive going."
- Esther Sherman, Pipeline Fellow



September 2015 Script Sales

Warner Bros. acquired Hammerspace, a sci-fi script written by Mike Van Waes. The story focuses on a terminally ill teenager who discovers an alternate, animated dimension while searching for his missing father. After a bidding war, Universal bought Todd Jones and Eral Ritchey Jones' family drama/fantasy spec Humbug, an updated version of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. Ice Cube is set to star and produce. And New Line picked up Michael Gunn's The Virginian. The period-action spec follows a young George Washington who, eager to join the British Army, goes on a dangerous mission to conquer a French fort and save the American colonies.

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Script Pipeline Recommends: London Screenwriters Festival

*From our partner, The London Screenwriters' Festival: October 23rd to 25th at Regent's University. Register here


JAWS: Script to Screen LIVE and London Screenwriters' Festival.... Yes, we are going to need a bigger boat!

We are delirious to announce that Screenwriter of JAWS Carl Gottlieb will join us for a sensational Script To Screen LIVE. This is an extraordinary opportunity and promises to be an unmissable session at the festival.

You may also have missed that we have the writer of The Usual Suspects Christopher McQuarrie attending, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman. Add to that stellar line-up the 100 or so other industry experts such as agent Duncan Heath, TV legend Phil Redmond, Mad Max: Fury Road producer Iain Smith…

What else can you expect from the festival?

World Class Screenwriting and Story Sessions

Over the three days of the London Screenwriters’ Festival, we will run over 100 seminars, workshops, and networking events for professional screenwriters. We film most sessions, so if you miss one, or two clash, you’ll be able to catch up later online.

The BEST Speakers

Over the three days of the festival we will host around 150 industry professionals sharing experience, insight, tips, tricks and strategies. You can see who is coming HERE (and the list will continue to grow until late October).

Amazing Delegates... YOUR Peers

While we have amazing speakers and lovely staff, it’s YOU, the delegates, the writers, the creatives, the producers, the actors, the directors… that make the LSF so extraordinary. Until you have been, you won’t really ‘get it’. And if you do attend, you will find yourself part of a big family, a support network of people all on the same journey. Best of all, that family will welcome you like you are coming home.

To The Great British Pitchfest

What is it? An opportunity to meet and chat with powerful agents and active producers, the people who have the power to make your projects happen. It’s exciting, fun and could change your career forever! MORE *We've added Pitching to Hollywood via Skype, too.

The 2015 British Screenwriters’ Awards

This year at the London Screenwriters Festival we will run the second British Screenwriters Awards, honouring outstanding writing from newcomers and established screenwriters in both film and television. And you are invited. MORE

Advanced Mentoring at the Script Labs

Just you, your idea, a handful of talented writers and an industry mentor! Objective: To assist writers who have a fully developed screenplay in a specific genre, move their work to the next level. MORE

We Film Sessions

With so many great sessions to choose from, we know you face a constant dilemma – which sessions to choose? That’s one reason why we film most sessions – so you don’t have to choose, you really can have your cake and eat it. MORE

Networking Events

Meet hundreds of people just like you and forge new relationships for your career and writing.

We are in for the most outstanding gathering and event EVER!

*Only 10% of passes left - act now.*

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Chris Jones

Life in Pieces

Life In Pieces – Pilot

Television has become a mecca for creativity. Nowadays, almost every company that has any connection to the entertainment industry (including E!, Amazon, Yahoo, Xbox, even AOL and Apple) has produced or is producing original scripted series, and as a result, there is an unprecedented number of outlets for TV writers. But the higher demand makes it harder to stand out—now, when a network releases a new show, there's a good chance another network's already working on something very similar. In order to catch the network's attention, original ideas have become an even greater necessity. Without a unique twist, there is little chance of going to series.

Suffering from the same pitfalls as most family shows, Life In Pieces does not have the most original characters or plotlines, but the show's conceit helps distinguish it from Modern Family and Parenthood: each episode is divided into four short stories. So instead of Modern Family's approach of intertwining the lives of the extensive Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan throughout each episode, the Life In Pieces pilot focuses on a smaller group of characters for each short before bringing everyone together for the fourth and final one. That's right: Life In Pieces is the rare four-act, half-hour sitcom, but it works surprisingly well, even if some of the shorts feel rushed (they average at about five-and-a-half minutes apiece).

Read the Life In Pieces pilot

"Writing isn't a sprint, nor a marathon or type of race, it's a journey without the limitations of endings." - @pipelinefox