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Fox purchased the comedy Stuber from Script Pipeline contest winner Tripper Clancy in April 2016 for mid-six figures.

The screenplay is based on an idea developed by Tripper and manager Jake Wagner (Benderspink). Jonathan Goldstein (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and John Francis Daley (Bones) worked with Tripper on the script. The story revolves around a night in the life of an Uber driver aptly named Stu.

“We live in a time where IP, sequels, and reboots rule the business, so it’s easy to be cynical,” said Tripper. “But fortunately for all of us plugging away on our laptops, studios and financiers are always looking for original material. Stuber is many things for me—a love letter to LA, an homage to my favorite action comedies growing up—but on a fundamental level, it’s the kind of movie I’d be pumped to go see on a Friday night at the theater. The fact that a major studio sees it the same way is a pretty sweet bonus.”

After winning the 2010 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition with his comedy Henry the Second, which is currently in production, Tripper signed with Pipeline industry partner Benderspink. He has projects in development at 20th Century Fox (The Ambassadors), QED International (Winter Break), Sony (Stranded), and Hasbro (Hacker Camp).

From Tripper: “I cannot underestimate the impact that Script Pipeline has had on my writing career. Winning the contest directly led to my new representation. . . .”

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Finalists are given exposure to Script Pipeline industry partners, approximately 200 qualified contacts, and the following:

• $35,000 to winners - one of the biggest cash prizes across all film and TV writing competitions

• Personal introductions to managers, producers, agents, and others searching for new screenplays, tailored to each individual project

• Consultations with Script Pipeline’s Director of Development and other industry execs

• Long-term circulation assistance for all finalists and winners.

• Exclusive invitation to private industry/writer events throughout the year

"It’s been a long journey that all started with winning the Script Pipeline competition." 
- Tripper Clancy, 2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner (Henry the SecondStranded)

"When I relocated from NYC to LA to pursue sitcom writing, everyone I met in the industry said it wasn’t about entering competitions, it was about entering the right competition. All of them named Script Pipeline as the right competition."
- Howard Jordan Jr., 2015 TV Writing Competition Runner-Up

"There is no better place for writers than with Script Pipeline. Their attention and assistance on helping me guide my career is invaluable."
- Nir Paniry, 2015 Screenwriting Competition Runner-up

LATE DEADLINE: May 15th, 2016

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REGULAR DEADLINE: Great Movie and TV Show Idea Contests

The 10th Great Movie Idea and 8th Great TV Show Idea contests are now open for sumbissions. We are searching for truly innovative material for both studio and indie markets. Ideally, groundbreaking ideas that are both marketable and fresh--something a global audience can connect with. Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, video pitches, or full treatments. Completed script are not reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a completed script. You only need one spectacular idea. Think big and original.

For writers and non-writers alike, Script Pipeline provides additional development assistance and connects the winner with top studio producers, including execs from Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar Baby), Benderspink (Vacation), Darko Entertainment (Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies), and other major motion picture producers looking for new concepts.

REGULAR DEADLINE: June 15th, 2016



April 2016 Script Sales  

Twentieth Century Fox picked up Stuber, a comedy spec from Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest Winner Tripper Clancy for mid-six figures. Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley (Horrible BossesSpider-Man: Homecoming) will produce. Two biopic specs are moving forward: Cliff Hollingsworth’s Done It All, based on the life of Merle Haggard, at GMH Productions, and Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi’s Exposure, centering on Rosalind Franklin whose contributions to the discovery of DNA went uncredited before her death, at Entertainment One Films International. Lionsgate acquired Joshua Friedlander’s dramedy spec Couple Up, which centers on an unhappily married couple who see what life would be like if they had never met. Finally, Benderspink and Fox will produce Joe Greenberg’s elevated sci-fi spec Man Alive.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Screenplay

One of the highest paid screenwriters of all time, Shane Black burst onto the scene in 1987 with the quintessential buddy cop movie Lethal Weapon and went on to write The Long Kiss GoodnightIron Man 3, and the underrated Last Action Hero. However, his greatest success thus far is his directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (although based on its trailers, spiritual sequel The Nice Guys could certainly usurp that position).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a self-aware satire of noir and crime movies, and it’s easy to understand how Black grew to justify his paycheck. The script is filled with witty, fast-paced dialogue, a fourth wall–shattering narrator, and entertaining action sequences and suspense, and it somehow maintains and ratchets the suspense and tension while remaining hilarious throughout. The script itself is an entertaining read that embraces all of Black’s narrative quirks.

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"You can be a good writer when you follow the trends. Play it safe. Make careful, easy decisions.
...don't settle for good."