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The 10th Great Movie Idea and 8th Great TV Show Idea competitions, presented by Script Pipeline: searching for original, innovative material for both indie and studio markets. Any genre accepted. Entrants may submit a logline, synopsis, or video pitch / media. Completed screenplays are NOT reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a completed script. You only need one spectacular idea.

Former winners have had their work developed and optioned by major production companies, studio-level producers, managers, and agencies. All winners receive one-on-one assistance from Script Pipeline execs to get their pitch (or a completed screenplay/pilot) ready for circulation.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, June 15th

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Screenwriting and TV Writing Contest Quarterfinalist Results – June 15th

Judging for the 2016 Screenwriting and TV Writing Contests is currently underway. Narrowing the field down has been difficult, to say the least, but quarterfinalist results for both competitions will be posted to the site by June 15th. Entrants will also receive an email notification.

Semifinalists will be selected by late June, and finalists on July 1st. Although we no longer hold our annual Secret Door Pitchfest, the finalists will be invited to a private writer and industry event in in Los Angeles, where we'll announce the grand prize winners and runners-up.

Check the site on June 15th for the quarterfinalist writers:

Screenwriting Competition

TV Writing Competition

Thanks again to all who participated in the Script Pipeline competitions.

For producers, managers, agencies, and other companies who would like to review upcoming contest finalist scripts, email to request inclusion in the Script Pipeline industry network.

May 2016 Script Sales  

Black Bear Pictures and Bristol Automotive acquired with Graham Moore’s spec script The Last Days of Night. The legal thriller will dramatize Thomas Edison’s lawsuit against rival George Westinghouse, whom Edison sued for one billion dollars in 1888, and will be based on Moore’s novel. Sony acquired a thriller pitch from Lori Evans Taylor about a couple whose new tenant begins to invade their lives; Akiva Goldman to produce. Emily Carmichael to write Powerhouse for Amblin Entertainment, based on an original story by Colin Trevorrow; Carmichael to direct, and Trevorrow, Steven Spielberg, and Simon Winberg are set to produce. Archer Gray Productions acquired Sebastian Silva’s family thriller Captain Dad; Silva to also direct, and Catherine Keener and Michael Cera to star, with Will Ferrell still in negotiations. CBS Films is moving forward with Tamara Chestna’s romantic comedy Revenge Wedding, in which a woman (with the help of her best friend) decides to turn her perfectly planned wedding into a giant disaster after she discovers her fiancé has been cheating.

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Gravity – Screenplay

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity is a big movie, breathtaking in its scope and impressive in its vision. Most of the praise Gravity received upon its release focused on its visual effects and cinematography. (All of which was undeniably deserved. . . the amount of work that into bringing Alfonso and Jonás Cuarón’s script to life is a feat unto itself.) The technical complexity overshadowed the screenplay, which is much simpler in comparison but nevertheless an excellent example of suspenseful, cinematic writing.

The Cuaróns’ story is stripped down to its essential elements: three named characters, not too many more speaking roles, a 70-page script turned into a 90-minute movie. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock at her best), an astronaut who gets stranded in space after the Explorer shuttle is unintentionally destroyed, just wants to survive and make it back to Earth alive. The narrative is broken up into smaller goals: get to a nearby space station, reestablish communication with Earth, and make it to the International Space Station, to name a few. Like most survival narratives, it’s easy to root for a Dr. Stone and hope she makes it to safety, and even without the visuals, the script works remarkably well—in fact, the words by themselves almost help the story feel even more claustrophobic.

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EARLY DEADLINE: 2016 Book Pipeline Competition

The 3rd Annual Book Pipeline Competition is searching for authors with material appropriate for film or television adaptation. The winning writer will receive circulation to Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar BabyAmerican Pastoral), Energy Entertainment (ExtantI Am Legend), Darko Entertainment (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), and other top production companies and agencies best-suited for developing the selected projects.

Continuing to build upon the success of the Script Pipeline writing competitions, Book Pipeline aims to deliver unique, compelling stories to the industry--with the specific intent of getting them on the fast-track to film and television production.

The contest is open to all genres, and both new and established writers may enter.

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