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News and Updates: November


LATE DEADLINE: December 15th - Great Movie and TV Show Idea Contests

**Must submit via FilmFreeway or Withoutabox**

The 11th Great Movie Idea and 9th Great TV Show Idea Contests are searching for original, innovative material.

Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, video pitches, or full treatments. Completed scripts are not reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a completed script. You only need one spectacular idea. Any market, studio or indie.

"I've been amazed at the quality and depth of the development my idea has received since winning the Great TV idea contest. I know my concept in a richer, deeper way than I did before thanks to Script Pipeline."
- Bryce McLellan, Great TV Show Idea Winner

Winner Receives:
$1,000 | long-term consultation and development | industry circulation

Deadline: December 15th, 2016
Results Announced: February 5th, 2017

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FINAL DEADLINE: December 15th - 2016 Book Pipeline Competition

The 3rd Annual Book Pipeline Competition is searching for authors with material appropriate for film or television adaptation. The winning writer will receive circulation to Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar BabyAmerican Pastoral), Energy Entertainment (ExtantI Am Legend), Good Fear Film + Management, Darko Entertainment (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), and other top production companies and agencies best-suited for developing the selected projects.

"This contest is legit. Since my book was selected, we have been in nearly constant contact discussing options for promoting the book as a film and TV series. If you are doubtful of their commitment to your project, rest easy. They do exactly what they say they will do and keep at it until they see the project succeed."
- Zach Fortier, 2015 Book Pipeline Winner (I Am Ray Washington)

Final Deadline: December 15th, 2016

Acceptable entries include:

• Novels and non-fiction books (up to approximately first 5,000 words)
• Plays
• Graphic Novels
• Book proposals or pitches (fiction only)
• Short stories

Every entrant will receive brief, general feedback on their submission, specifically on the material’s adaptation potential, once results have been announced.

Winner Receives:

– $5,000

– Airfare to Los Angeles for meetings with development executives, as well as agencies and literary reps

– Editorial write-up from Script Pipeline covering the material

For additional details, including criteria, awards, and other FAQs, visit Book Pipeline.

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November 2016 Script Sales

November was a great month for spec sales. Centropolis Entertainment has acquired Scarletville, a thriller spec by Jason Young about a diner owner who delays a deadly criminal with twisted stories until the police arrive. Electric Entertainment will produce Steven Altiere's sci-fi/fantasy spec Countdown. Dean Devlin (StargateIndependence Day) will direct and produce.

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Jackie – Screenplay

Biopics remain a popular genre for Hollywood. The lesser productions could be considered toothless awards bait, but the best biopics transcend that cynical generalization and offer insight into the human condition, exploring themes relevant and compelling to the audience. 

Written by Noah Oppenheim, Jackie isn't just a biopic—the film is an intimate character study of the former First Lady. Jackie never wanted the spotlight, and the script plays with this internal conflict, depicting her as a woman torn between being a grieving widow and, to quote the movie, the "mother" to all Americans. Throughout the screenplay, Jackie tries to take control of her and her husband's narratives; she insists that her husband have a funeral like Lincoln's, complete with a procession on foot through the streets of Washington, despite the potential security risks, and when she begins her interview with a reporter from Life magazine, she tells him that she "will be editing this conversation." But none of this was specifically about her image—as shown in the screenplay, her main goal was to secure her husband's place in history, not have him discarded as "some dusty old artifact." That selflessness helps make Jackie an even more sympathetic and compelling figure.

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