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DEADLINE - 2017 First Look Project: Wednesday, September 20th

Winners Receive:
$10,000 (Screenplay), $2,000 (TV), $2,000 (Short Film)
Studio-level exposure | Development assistance | Long-term industry circulation

The 6th Annual First Look Project fulfills the requests of major studios, production companies, and top managers by finding fresh, high-concept material across three main categories:

Screenplay – divisions for Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, and Sci-fi
Teleplay – original pilots, any genre
Short Film – produced short films or series pilots

Supported by Good Fear Film + Management (Rings), Panay Films (Masterminds), Lakeshore Entertainment (Age of Adaline), Silent R Management (reps Academy Award Winner Barry Jenkins), Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners), and other Script Pipeline partners, the competition introduces the best scripts and filmmakers to major companies.

"The First Look Project was an awesome experience. . . . They became our personal champions and proceeded to surprise us again and again with the extent of their support.  Thanks to them, we had meetings with a manager and production companies and are now developing our pilot with Mandalay Entertainment.  Entering this contest moved our careers forward in an unprecedented way."
- Ben and Tyler Soper, First Look Project Winners

One winner in each category receives a share of $14,000 in prizes, industry circulation, and long-term personalized development assistance from Script Pipeline’s executive team. We also select up to 3 finalists for each division.

Over the last 17 years, numerous Script Pipeline contest alumni have found representation and gained crucial introductions to otherwise impossible-to-reach execs. The result: $6 million in specs sold from Pipeline competition finalists and “Recommend” writers since 2000, in addition to several produced scripts, and many currently in development and pre-production. 

DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 20th


CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2018 Screenwriting and TV Writing Contests

Winners Receive:
$50,000 | long-term industry circulation | script development

Pre-register by: December 31st
*register now and submit your script any time before May 1, 2018 at no additional fee

Script Pipeline's 16th Annual Screenwriting Contest and 14th Annual TV Writing Contest continue a long tradition of discovering up-and-coming talent and connecting them with producers, agencies, and managers across both studio and independent markets. Script Pipeline’s unique industry-to-writer facilitation process has proven enormously successful, with screenwriting contest selections finding elite representation and gaining crucial introductions to top execs every season.

The result thus far is $6 million in screenplays and pilots sold by competition finalists and “Recommend” writers since 2003. Last year, over 13,000 screenplays, pilots, and pitches were reviewed across all competitions and services, making Script Pipeline one of the leading companies in the world receiving unproduced material.

Finalists are given exposure to Script Pipeline industry partners and the following:

• $25,000 to winner, $1,000 to runner-up

• Development assistance with Script Pipeline execs

• Personal introductions to managers, producers, agents, and others searching for new TV material, tailored to each individual project

• Additional material review for potential circulation

• Long-term circulation for all finalists (and select semifinalists)

• Exclusive invitations to private writer/industry events hosted by Script Pipeline

Our intent: to circulate exceptional material, launch careers, and push scripts closer to production.



Now Scheduling Free 10-min Phone Calls to Speak w/ Writers For Writers Script Consultant Dave Kline 

A brief message from Dave:

Hi guys— I recently launched a new site— WritersForWriters- - that offers a series of fellowships— the Female Fellowship, the Diversity Fellowship, and the Indie Film Fellowship. As some of you know, I am no longer working with Script Pipeline. My focus now is on my writing career in film and TV and in mentoring up-and-coming writers. The idea behind WFW is to pay-it-forward with WGA writers mentoring you guys with the intention that you will someday (soon!) become WGA writers.

Currently, the fellowship selections are running on rolling submissions- you can submit anytime throughout the year. We will be choosing finalists as we go. At the end of the year, we will be narrowing down the finalists to our chosen fellows. 

As of this time, 8 writers have been chosen for finalists slots — with 12 finalists slots still open. Up to twenty finalists will be selected of which up to four (4) Fellows will be chosen for the 2018 Fellowship year. 

Writers-For-Writers Fellowships currently offered are:

1) Diversity Fellowship open to all diversity writers and to ALL writers who have written diversity-themed screenplays/fiction/non-fiction.

2) Female-Themed Fellowship open to all female writers and to ALL writers who have written female-driven screenplays, novels, non-fiction.

3) Indie Film Fellowship open to all indie-themed projects. At the end of the Fellowship period, writers will be introduced to producers, managers, agents, and other influential representatives.

Senior Fellowship Mentors include: Will McCormack (Toy Story 4), Gary Lennon (Justified, Power), Aimee Lagos (No Good Deed), Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black), and Stephen Nemeth (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)


Screenplay and Book Consultations

I will also be doing one-on-one script consultations along with my partner Chris Sey who will also be doing consults. We’re accepting scripts, pilots, outlines, pitches, books, and we’ll also be doing career coaching calls. At present, we’re offering a short-term 20% discount- code SEPT2017 on the consults.


And lastly, STAFFING!!!

We are building a “Staffing Writers” page on our site. Anybody that submits a script will be eligible to be considered for the staffing pool. We will then choose the writers to be recommended and highlighted on the site. The staffing pool will be available for studio execs, showrunners, and execs who are looking to staff their shows with female and/or diversity writers. I’m very excited about this— I feel we’re really filling a void here as I know first-hand as a writer/producer that has staffed shows on how difficult it can be to find staff writers.

Lastly, if you want to schedule a call with me to talk about your work, your career, or just ask a few questions about me or what we’re doing, I will be scheduling free ten minute calls for September. Just send us an email at

And lastly thank you to all that have submitted work thus far. I have been particularly impressed and inspired by your scripts as well as some of your mission statements!  It keeps us all at WFW inspired to keep going and do this sort of outreach. So thank you! 


Dave, Fior, Chris, and the team at Writers-For-Writers

Learn more about Writers-For-Writers

Follow Writers for Writers on Twitter (@writforwriters) and Facebook for updates and news about the industry’s push towards diversity.

August 2017 Script Sales 

Hyde Park Entertainment has picked up Lee Batchler and Janet Scott Batchler’s drama spec Jack and Dick. The story will follow John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon’s careers as friends and political rivals leading up to their presidential debate. Ashok Amritraj and Alan Gasmer are set to produce. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is moving forward with Josh L. Gordon’s untitled sci-fi/thriller. Set in a near-future world where advances in artificial intelligence are threatening the human race, Gordon’s spec follows a young engineer who finds herself involved in a billionaire’s plan to alter the fate of humanity.

Next up: Tyler MacIntyre and Chris Hill’s horror/thriller spec Nightlight has found a home at Columbia Pictures. Nightlight follows a 10-year-old boy who fends off invaders when he’s left home alone. Tyler MacIntyre is set to direct as well. Finally, Screen Gems and Royal Viking Entertainment are teaming for Peter A. Dowling’s Exposure. His action/thriller spec centers on an African American rookie cop who has to fend for her life after she captures corrupt officers murdering a drug dealer on her body cam. . . .

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Book Pipeline Deadline Approaching

The 4th Annual Book Pipeline Competition seeks material for film or television adaptation. Open to writers worldwide, the contest accepts any genre, fiction or non-fiction. Published and unpublished works are both acceptable.

One Grand Prize Winner receives $10,000 and circulation to leading production companies, managers, and agencies best-suited for developing the selected projects. Finalists and semifinalists also receive circulation consideration.

Most recently, contest winner I am Ray Washington was optioned by Zero Gravity Management (Beasts of No Nation) in July 2017. Book Pipeline execs circulated the material to several production companies before the biography was picked up.

“Prior to the option agreement, Book Pipeline pushed my book week after week, month after month to anyone who would listen to the potential Raymond Washington’s life story held. I am hopeful now that one day soon ‘I am Raymond Washington’ will exist on either the small or big screen so audiences can learn of this amazing person and the life he lived.”
- Zach Fortier, Book Pipeline Contest Winner (I Am Ray Washington)

Acceptable entries include:

• Novels

• Non-fiction

• Plays

• Graphic Novels and comics

• Book proposals or pitches (fiction or non-fiction)

• Short stories

Submit to the Book Pipeline Competition

Directors and Filmmakers: Film Pipeline Coming Soon

After months of development, Film Pipeline is set to launch by January 2018.

The new arm of Pipeline Media Group (PMG) will focus on introducing up-and-coming directors with management and agency representation, in addition to fostering filmmakers who wish to produce shorts and other content.

Film Pipeline joins Script Pipeline and Book Pipeline as another artist discovery platform for the film and TV industry.

Music Pipeline is also slated to re-launch in mid-2018.

Legion - Pilot

Within the last decade, some might argue that comic book movies have become needlessly ubiquitous. Just looking at the major studios’ upcoming slates can give the impression that Hollywood is simply in the superhero business, eschewing thoughtful character-driven films for tentpoles that feel almost interchangeable. The fate of the world is in jeopardy, special effects–ridden fight scenes ensue, hero saves the day, see you again next summer. The most successful superhero movies have either bucked that formula or twisted it to provide something fresh (take, for example, Deadpool‘s meta satire, Wonder Woman‘s feminist themes, or Logan‘s gritty western noir), but perhaps, none have done so more successfully than Legion.

Created by Noah Hawley of FX’s Fargo and based on Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz’s Marvel character, Legion ostensibly takes place in the X-Men universe, but the series plays more akin to a psychological, almost Lovecraftian or Lynchian horror movie than anything else. Sure, the majority of the characters are similar to the mutants we’ve grown to love (albeit with quirkier superpowers), but they ultimately take a back seat to the show’s namesake David Haller. Portrayed by Dan Stevens, David suffers from a variety of mental illnesses including what seems to be dissociative identity disorder and self-medicates his problems. However, he doesn’t realize that he may be, as another character notes, “the most powerful telepath we’ve ever encountered.” Worst of all, he can’t quite control his powers, making him perhaps the most dangerous mutant in the show, which is why a seemingly evil government organization, a more benevolent collective of mutants, and a mysterious cosmic entity all seem to want to get a hold of him. . . .

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