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The 2019 Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions are now in their 17th and 12th seasons, continuing the search for up-and-coming talent and connecting them with top producers, agencies, and managers.

An intensive facilitation process, which consists of long-term writer development and circulation of material, helps Script Pipeline selections gain elite representation and crucial introductions to Hollywood. $7 million in screenplays and pilots have been sold by competition finalists and "Recommend" writers, with several scripts produced since 1999, including most recently The Standoff at Sparrow Creek and the upcoming Stuber.

"The impact Script Pipeline had on my writing career is extraordinary. Winning the contest directly led to my new representation, which in turn led to working with studios such as 20th Century Fox and Paramount."
- Tripper Clancy (Stuber)

Finalists receive immediate circulation to Script Pipeline partners, in addition to the following:

• $50,000 to winners, $5,000 to runner-ups

• Introductions to managers, producers, agents, directors, and others searching for TV writers

• Long-term script circulation to industry and continual guidance connecting with companies

• Development assistance from Script Pipeline's senior execs

• Additional script reviews and consideration of other material for industry exposure

• Invitations to writer and industry events hosted by Pipeline Media Group


"I have been blown away by the amount of work Script Pipeline has put into getting my script out there. The best part: they're interested in you as a writer. From reading and circulating additional material to developing new concepts with you, the Script Pipeline team are wonderful partners-in-crime, and I count myself lucky to have them by my side."
- Peter Malone Elliott, Screenwriting Contest Winner (Junior)


"Having no connections to the industry and needing some quality feedback, I turned to high-level contests like Script Pipeline. From the day I became a finalist, they've championed my work and sent it to a long list of industry members. Even through reputation alone, I’ve gotten requests to read my script."
- Sommer Rusinski, TV Writing Contest Finalist (In Irons)


"We knew right off the bat that our manager was going to be an ideal match for us, and we would never have met them were it not for Script Pipeline."
- Jamie Napoli & Joshua Paul Johnson, Screenwriting Contest Winners (Getaway)


"In a matter of hours, Script Pipeline achieved what I’d been trying to do for years: they got my foot in the door--and changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined."
- Justin Daries James, TV Writing Contest Winner (Powerhouse)


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