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The 2019 Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions connect talented writers with production companies, agencies, and managers who can help launch their career. As one of the longest-running and most successful screenplay contests, we focus specifically on finding writers representation, supporting diverse voices, championing marketable, unique storytelling, and pushing more original projects into production. Recent films from Script Pipeline contest winners include Fox's Stuber and the indie hit The Standoff at Sparrow Creek.

Finalists receive circulation to Script Pipeline partners, in addition to the following:

- $50,000 to winners, $5,000 to runners-up

- Introductions to managers, producers, agents, directors, and others searching for screenplays

- Long-term script circulation to industry and continual guidance connecting with companies

- Development assistance from Script Pipeline's senior execs

- Additional script reviews and consideration of other material for industry exposure

- Invitations to writer and industry events hosted by Pipeline Media Group

All entrants may schedule a no-cost 15-minute call with our Creative Executive, who can answer any general questions on the industry or the Script Pipeline process. Contact us after registering to request.

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Sneak Peek: Skyler Lawson's Whelm

Watch the teaser trailer of Script Pipeline and Film Pipeline finalist Skyler Lawson's debut feature:

Whelm Trailer

The plot is being kept under wraps at the moment, but the period crime/drama features an ensemble cast of relative newcomers and was produced during the fall of 2018. Shooting took place primarily in Indiana. 

Skyler placed with two short films in Script Pipeline (2017 First Look Project - Media, Nora) and Film Pipeline (2018 Short Film Competition - Left Hand). Like Whelm, he wrote and directed both.

Skyler, on the making of the film: "Whelm was made purely out of love for cinema and a drive to contribute to the historic artform. We believe in a certain kind of filmmaking and the power it can have with an audience. We have our eyes on helping revive the American Epic, proving that audiences still want original ideas, all while pushing the boundaries of the cinematic experience. It started with the writing. I wrote to encourage provocative performances for actors I knew could pull them off and for locations and landscapes that I've known since childhood. It came with real pleasure to capture these performances and these places on the best format of all time. My whole heart and soul is on that 16mm film, and I can't wait for audiences to take the ride. Hopefully they will have that chance on the film festival circuit in the coming months."


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Winners Receive:
$10,000 | long-term industry circulation | additional project development

The 2nd Annual Film Pipeline Competitions seek remarkable writers and directors with diverse, engaging work--the type defined by forward-thinking perspectives and unconventional yet universally appealing stories.

For produced shorts, Film Pipeline's platform is significantly different from the typical festival: selected entrants are given introductions to managers and agents for potential representation and extended promotion of their short or series pilot.

For unproduced scripts, Film Pipeline creates an opportunity to get your material made and collaborates with selected entrants from development to production.

"Film Pipeline somehow understood the idiosyncratic, hybrid tone of our script better than anyone. The fact that they could hear our partnership’s original voice on the page was very reinvigorating at a pivotal time on our creative path, and pushed us to stick to our guns rather than pander to more 'accessible' sensibilities."
- Spencer Mandel & Dikega Hadnot, Film Pipeline Winners (Little Brother)


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July 2019 Script Sales 

The horror and thriller genres had a good month. Sony Entertainment and Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures picked up Gavin Heffernan’s untitled supernatural thriller spec. Details about its plot are being kept under wraps, but Escape Room’s Adam Robitel is attached to direct. Another untitled supernatural thriller spec landed with Paramount Pictures and The Picture Co., this one written by Jacob Chase. The plot follows a man with a classified line of work who takes his family on a perilous trip while protecting them from the horror he has in tow. Chase is also set to direct. Finally, Michael and Shaun Rasmussen’s horror spec The Unheard found a home at Burn Later Productions. No details about plot, but Chris von Hoffmann is set to direct.

Other script sales:

- Taika Waititi is returning to write and direct Thor: Love and Thunder for Disney/Marvel. Natalie Portman will also return to the franchise after a brief hiatus.

- Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are reteaming for The Last Duel. They’ll cowrite with Nicole Holofcener based on Eric Jager’s book, and Ridley Scott will direct.

Marry Me found a new home at Universal. The rom-com, written by Harper Dill and based on Bobby Crosby’s graphic novel, will star Jennifer Lopez, and Kat Coiro will direct

- Brad Gann to adapt Vernon Turner’s autobiography The Next Level: A Game I Had To Play for I’ll Have Another Productions, Why Not Productions, and Magic Hour Productions.

- Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach will write the Barbie movie for Warner Bros. and Mattel. Margot Robbie is attached to star.

- Angelina Burnett to script Teresa Carpenter’s Mob Girl: A Woman’s Life In the Underworld for Makeready, Excellent Cadaver, and Wildside. Paolo Sorrentino will direct, and Jennifer Lawrence will star.

- Universal picked up a pitch from Katie Silberman and Olivia Wilde off their Booksmart success. Silberman will write based off her and Wilde’s idea, and Wilde will direct.

- Tom McCarthy to direct Stillwater for Participant Media, Amblin Partners, and Anonymous Content. He wrote the script with Thomas Bidegain and Noé Debré, and Matt Damon is attached to star.

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Fleabag - Pilot

Character, character, character.

At its heart, every story is about character. Characters who have wants and needs and flaws. Fleabag has wants. They mostly revolve around sex. Fleabag has needs. Love, specifically. And Fleabag has flaws. Oh my, does she have flaws.

Fleabag, created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the title character, is an equally hilarious and tragic character study of a single, perpetually horny British woman. She doesn’t get a name in the show, but she’s known to the audience as Fleabag. In the pilot, she describes herself as “a greedy, perverted, selfish, apathetic, cynical, depraved, morally bankrupt woman who can’t even call herself a feminist,” and although she’s being overly critical, she’s not far off. Despite all this, Fleabag comes across as charming, in no small part because of Waller-Bridge’s perfect performance. She’s one of the few actresses who can tell you exactly what they’re thinking with a glance. But all of Fleabag’s flaws originate from her loneliness and pain, and she uses humor (uproariously funny humor) to cope, mostly in asides to the audience.

The supporting cast is also amazing. Her seemingly perfect sister (Sian Clifford) is a tightly wound ball of stress. Her father (Bill Patterson) is awkward and unable to express any emotions. And her stepmother (Academy Award–winner Olivia Colman) is the most passive-aggressive person who ever lived, masking any pettiness with the sweetest smile.

But the show is so great because it is simply true. The laugh-out-loud comedy works since the characters are so well drawn and insecure and it reflects back on reality like any good comedy should. Fleabag racked up a whopping 11 Emmy nominations this year (including acting awards for Waller-Bridge, Clifford, and Colman, a writing nomination for Waller-Bridge, and Best Comedy), so definitely check it out. And also check out Waller-Bridge’s other amazing TV show Killing Eve. She wrote and doesn’t star but it’s equally worth it.

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Notes on Screenplays and Pilots - Script Pipeline's Workshop

Established in 2000, the Script Pipeline Workshop is one of the longest-running notes services in the industry, offering feedback on screenplays, pilots, and pitches for film and television. Hundreds of writers each year, from beginners to professionals, benefit from the expertise of a small, seasoned group of development execs, many of whom are active writers and producers themselves.

Any genre or format accepted. We review everything from partially completed scripts to production-ready final drafts. Writers may also request a critique on supplemental materials (such as a TV show bible, synopsis, or logline), as well as follow up with their reader with additional questions on the feedback.

Together with the suite of Script Pipeline competitions, the Workshop is another outlet to funnel upper-echelon projects to an array of industry contacts and shepherd scripts into production.

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