Recent Success Stories

- 2019 TV Writing Competition Runner-up Jess McKillop (Signature) signed with Grandview after Script Pipeline industry circulation and introductions to the powerhouse management company.

- The Miseducation of Bindu, written by Script Pipeline TV Writing Winner Kay Tuxford and Prarthana Mohan, won the Spotlight Award at the Heartland Film Festival in October. The coming-of-age dramedy is Prarthana's feature directorial debut and stars Megan Suri and David Arquette.


First Look Project - Final Deadline: October 30th 

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The 8th Annual First Look Project fulfills the requests of studios, production companies, agencies, and top managers by finding fresh, high-concept material across two main categories:

Screenplay – divisions for Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror/Thriller, and Sci-fi/Fantasy

TV Pilot – divisions for Hour and Half-hour original pilots, any genre

One winner in each category receives a share of $17,500, industry circulation, and long-term personalized development assistance from Script Pipeline’s executive team. We also select up one runner-up in each division.

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September 2019 Script Sales 


A few interesting specs found their way to production companies last month. Todd Komarnicki’s action/thriller spec Savior found a home with Oakhurst Entertainment, Lightbridge Entertainment, and Guy Walks Into a Bar, Inc. The story follows a group of mercenaries who plan to set off World War III through a series of seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, Paul Feig’s Feigco and Universal Pictures have picked up Meredith Dawson’s romantic comedy spec When Michael Met Carrie… and Other People. Dawson is set to direct as well. New Line Cinema (along with Farah Films & Management, Vertigo Entertainment, and Cinestate) scooped up Shut In in an auction. Written by Melanie Toast, the thriller spec follows a single mother who must protect her children and herself after her violent ex takes her captive. Finally, AGC Studios picked up Jay Martel’s fantasy/dramedy spec The Present, which is about a young boy who finds himself in a Groundhog Day scenario, reliving the day his parents separated and trying to keep them together. Martel will also executive produce.

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The Ring - Screenplay

Because of Halloween, October is the unofficial horror movie month (though, really, it's our opinion that you can—and should—enjoy them all year round). Released in 2002, The Ring kicked off the early-aughts trend of PG-13 adaptations of Asian horror movies, and it remains one of the scariest movies of this century.

Directed by Gore Verbinski and written by Ehren Kruger (with revisions by Scott Frank), The Ring is an Americanized remake of Hideo Nakata's Ringu. The story follows Rachel Keller (an always amazing Naomi Watts), a reporter who investigates the origins of a cursed video tape after her (and, later, her son) watch it and receive the creepiest phone call of all time: A raspy voice whispering, "Seven days." What follows are a series of well-executed set pieces that rely more generating dread than surprising its audience with empty jump scares.

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Established in 2000, the Script Pipeline Workshop is one of the longest-running notes services in the industry, offering feedback on screenplays, pilots, and pitches for film and television. Hundreds of writers each year, from beginners to professionals, benefit from the expertise of a small, seasoned group of development execs, many of whom are active writers and producers themselves.

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2019 First Look Project (screenplays and pilots) - Final Deadline: October 30th

2019 Great Movie Idea Contest - Deadline: December 15th

2019 Great TV Show Idea Contest Deadline: December 15th

2019 Screenwriting Competition - Pre-register Deadline: December 31st

2019 TV Writing Competition - Pre-register Deadline: December 31st

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