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- Screenwriting Contest winner Tripper Clancy set to write the Varsity Blues reboot for The original film's producers, Mike Tollin and Tova Laiter, will be helming the project. Tripper previously sold the action-comedy Stuber to 20th Century Fox, which released earlier this year.

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Article Series "subplot" Coming in January

Script Pipeline will be launching a new, longform monthly article series profiling emerging writers, filmmakers, and other creatives who have incredible and inspirational backstories. 

First article posting in mid-January 2020.


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Established in 1999, the Script Pipeline Workshop is one of the longest-running notes services in the industry, offering feedback on screenplays, pilots, and pitches for film and television. All readers are comprised of our in-house development team and have a range of 5-20 years experience in reading screenplays and pilots. Hundreds of writers each year, from beginners to professionals, benefit from the expertise of this small, seasoned group of execs, many of whom are active writers and producers themselves.

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The 2019 Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions connect talented writers with production companies, agencies, and managers who can help launch their career.

As one of the longest-running and most successful screenplay contests, we focus specifically on finding writers representation, supporting diverse voices, championing marketable, unique storytelling, and pushing more original projects into production. Recent 2019 films from Script Pipeline contest winners include Fox's Stuber and the indie hit The Standoff at Sparrow Creek.

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October 2019 Script Sales 

October was a lighter month for spec sales. New Line Cinema and A-Major Media picked up Elliott San’s untitled spec last month. Although details are being kept under wraps, it’s described as a mind-bending genre tale that centers on an Asian-American lead. Meanwhile, TriStar Pictures, Unique Features, and Arlook Group are moving forward with Cooper McMains’ spec The Tip. The thriller follows a waitress who finds herself in a dangerous situation after receiving a $10,000 tip. John Strickland will direct. Robert Zappia’s 2018 Blood List script The Devil’s Light found a home with Lionsgate and Gold Circle Films. The supernatural thriller follows a nun who performs exorcisms while combating a sexist church that believes only priests should be allowed to perform exorcisms.

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Search Party - Pilot

So many elements go into a screenplay that it's difficult to say which one is the most important (though that hasn't stopped us in the past). Different genres require different things to succeed, but for a screenwriter just starting out, perhaps the definitive make-it-or-break-it element is voice. "Voice" is that vague almagam of dialogue (how the characters speak), description (how the screenwriter describes the character's actions), and theme (what the screenwriter has to say about the world at large) that makes the screenplay feel unique. It's something that writers develop after putting in tons of time and effort, but it's the thing that elevates a good or decent script to the next level. It's how writers get repped, get staffed, and get hired.

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