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- TV Writing finalist Josh Estes (Laurel Canyon) signed with managers at Zero Gravity after introductions by Script Pipeline. Josh's pilot made the top 10 of the 2019 TV Writing season.

- 2019 First Look Project finalist William Yu signed with Zack Zucker at Bellevue. Will placed in the TV Half-Hour category of the FLP for his pilot Good Boy

- Helen Gaughran, winner of the 2019 Screenwriting Competition, signed with UTA. Her contest-winning script, Visitation, is currently being packaged.


First Look Project - Screenplays + Pilots

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The First Look Project awards $15,000 to winners, connects writers with leading producers and managers, offers long-term development and circulation assistance, and one-on-one support in getting other work introduced to industry. 

Last season's TV finalist William Yu (Good Boy) signed with a manager at Bellevue in February, and several other winners and finalists from 2019 are close to securing representation. 

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subplot - Charles Ray Hamilton

profiling emerging artists in film and television

by Allison Collins-Smith and Sean Collins-Smith

“It really did feel like, ‘We’ve never seen one of your kind before.’”

When he was 13, Charles Hamilton started the eighth grade as a stranger in a strange land. He’d just left the comfortable confines of Killeen, Texas–population 81,000–and moved with his family to Fort Worth, a metropolitan powerhouse with over half a million residents.

Hamilton wasn’t just starting a new school. He was starting a new life.

And what happened next was right out of Jordan Peele’s race-themed horror film Get Out.

On his first day, the white kids in Hamilton’s class grabbed him and started touching him everywhere. One white classmate asked him, disappointed, “Why don’t you talk like 50 Cent?”

Another chimed in, “My mom told me y’all run so fast because y’all have extra muscles in y’all’s legs. Is that true?” Before Hamilton could answer, the 8th grader grabbed his legs to check for himself.

“The 1950s version of racism that I was taught didn’t exist anymore still very much existed and hadn’t gone anywhere,” Hamilton said.

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January 2020 Script Sales 

Some of the most notable script sales for December 2019:

– Previous Script Pipeline winner Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman) will script the Anaconda remake for Columbia Pictures. The original movie was written by Hans Bauer, Jim Cash, and Jack Epps Jr.

– …and previous Script Pipeline winner Tripper Clancy (Stuber) has an action/comedy series over at Quibi. Titled Die Hart, the series is written by Tripper and Derek Kolstad and directed by Eric Appel, and it stars John Travolta and Kevin Hart.

– Rian Johnson’s sequel to Knives Out is in development. Johnson will write and direct, and Daniel Craig will possibly star again as well.

– The Man from Toronto is set up with Escape Artists and Sony. The action comedy was written by Robbie Fox, based on a story by Fox and Jason Blumenthal. Patrick Hughes will direct, and Jason Statham and Kevin Hart to possibly star.

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Short Scripts and Films - Register by Feb. 20th

The 3rd Annual Film Pipeline Competitions seek remarkable writers and directors with diverse, engaging work--the type defined by forward-thinking perspectives and unconventional yet universally appealing stories.

For produced shorts, Film Pipeline's platform is significantly different from the typical festival: selected entrants are given introductions to managers and agents for potential representation and extended promotion of their short or series pilot.

For unproduced scripts, Film Pipeline creates an opportunity to get your material financed and produced and collaborates with selected entrants from development to production. $5,000 in financing awarded to the winner.

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Stranger Things - Bible 

For this column, we typically focus on produced screenplays and teleplays to give aspiring writers a sense of what the standard is for professional screenwriters. The scripts we choose typically have strong characters, poignant themes, and — it should go without saying — exceptional writing. Although a well-written screenplay is still the best calling card an aspiring writer can have, focusing solely on the script doesn’t fully reflect the reality of the film industry. It has become increasingly common for producers, managers, and especially TV execs to request a bible or pitch deck before even reading the script, and perhaps the best example in recent years is the pitch document for Stranger Things. . . .

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