(1) Script Pimp 2009 Writing Competitions – Deadline May 1st
(2) ‘08 Contest Winner Evan Daugherty Secures WB Assignment
(3) Writers Database – Last Chance for 2-Year Bonus
(4) Recent Script Sales – April
(5) Script Pimp Writer Interview: Brian Watanabe, “Rogues Gallery”
(6) Script Pimp Success Stories
(7) Feedback - Writers Workshop / 2008 Competition
(8) Script Pimp Partner:

(9) Script Pimp Recommends: Slamdance Competition
(10) Script Pimp Contest Recommendation: 2009 Horror Screenplay Contest
(11) Script Pimp Recommended Website:
(12) Script Pimp in the News
(13) Circus of Joy – April 30th, Hollywood Improv
(14) Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

(1) Script Pimp 2009 Writing Competitions – Deadline May 1st


The 2009 Script Pimp Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions are open until May 1st:

NEW FOR 2009: WRITERS MAY REQUEST FEEDBACK ON THEIR SCRIPT FOR AN ADDITIONAL $40.  General analysis includes comments on all major components of your screenplay, including dialogue, characterization, plot, structure, and in some cases, marketability of the material.  Plus, ALL notes are given by Script Pimp’s veteran Workshop readers or senior analysts.  Notes may only be added by submitting via the Script Pimp site.

All genres and lengths of feature film scripts accepted.  International, non-U.S. writers are welcome to enter as well.  Scripts are accepted through the Script Pimp site or through Withoutabox (

Script Pimp is pleased to announce that judges for the TV contest include:

Mike Kelley, creator of “Swingtown”

Brian Keith Etheridge, writer “South Park”

Michael Morris, producer “Brothers and Sisters”

The ‘08 contest has already netted option and representation agreements with many of the finalist writers.  Even more production companies, agents, and managers will be reading the 2009 winning scripts, along with $50,000 in prizes possible for anyone who enters, and $16,000 cash for the finalists.

For details:

*All new Writers Database members get one FREE entry into the competition!

And thanks to long-time sponsor Final Draft for their continued support of the Script Pimp competition.  For further info on Final Draft, visit

(2) ‘08 Contest Winner Evan Daugherty Secures WB Assignment

After introduction to Jake Wagner (Energy Entertainment) by Script Pimp owner Chadwick Clough, Evan Daugherty recently secured a writing assignment with Warner Bros. to write an adaptation of the classic 1980s animated series HE-MAN, part of the popular Masters of the Universe franchise.  

Evan's script SHRAPNEL was selected as one of the Grand Prize winners of the 2008 Script Pimp Screenwriting Competition.  The screenplay is making its rounds among A-list talent and landed on The Blacklist as one of the top 100 "most popular" unproduced scripts in the market.  Info on The Blacklist can
be found here:

(3) Writers Database – Last Chance for 2-Year Bonus

Until May 1st, all Writers Database members receive two (2) additional years added on their membership when they subscribe or renew.  Take advantage of this offer now (a $299 value) before it expires.

More info can be found here:


With over 1,000 listings, the Writers Database puts the film industry at your fingertips. Find information about agencies, managers, producers, and production companies--what they are looking for and how to contact them. Updated regularly, the Database includes a powerful search engine that can be tailored to your specific needs. No matter where you live, Script Pimp's Database connects you to Hollywood and beyond.

Writers Database members also receive discounts on Workshop notes and the ability to E-mail film and writing-related questions to Script Pimp, including questions on screenplay formatting, style, technical concerns, how the industry works, from development to distribution, as well as any other inquiries in need of clarification. Think of it as an alternative to film classes, where writers can get a crash course on the ins-and-outs of the industry.

(4) Recent Script Sales – April

A somewhat quiet month in April, as lower-budget comedies and dramas, film adaptations from popular novels, and a handful of sci-fi thrillers and fantasy screenplays round out the script sales, joined by a few higher-profile projects from acclaimed writer/directors Robert Rodriguez and Sofia Coppola.

Selected sales include:

--“Born to be a Star,” co-written by Adam Sandler, about a Midwestern nerd who discovers his parents used to be porn stars.

--The latest Robert Rodriguez projects: a crime/drama entitled “Machete” and a follow-up to the “Predator” series.

--Another incarnation (presumably live-action) of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

--The Sofia Coppola project “Somewhere,” drama starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning.

(5) Script Pimp Writer Interview: Brian Watanabe, ROGUES GALLERY

Brian Watanabe, writer of ROGUES GALLERY, a former Script Pimp "Recommend," recently discussed the script and its remarkable journey from rough concept, to blind submission, to eventual sale and production.  The film, currently in post, was shot in Los Angeles and features an ensemble cast including Ving Rhames, Ellen Barkin, Emilie DeRavin, Rob Corddry, Joe Anderson, Maggie Q, Adam Scott, Jeffery Tambor, and more.

More on the film:

Q: What was the motivation behind ROGUES GALLERY?

BRIAN: Back in 2001, during the dot-com bust, the ad agency I was working at in San Francisco started some massive lay-offs. It was pretty brutal. Cubes emptied, factions developed, paranoia spread-it didn't feel like we were getting fired, it felt like we were getting whacked. When I was finally let go it was almost a relief.

I started to think: What if an office full of spies got downsized? What if instead of firing you they killed you? What if these trained assassins started killing each other to save their jobs? The idea had a lot of cinematic elements I loved: action, comedy, satire, a "Ten Little Indians," who-will-survive structure. That was the start of the ROGUES GALLERY.

Q. How did the project get off the ground, and how long did it take from concept to sale?

I started writing ROGUES at the end of 2003, finishing in spring of 2004. I entered the script into a bunch of contests. It was a finalist in Scriptapalooza, won 2nd place in Screenplay Shootout and tied for best comedy at Screenwriting Expo 3. As a result of the Expo win, I landed a literary manager, Andrew Kersey.

I also won a script analysis package from the Script Pimp competition, and after a few rounds of revisions, Chadwick Clough called to tell me he wanted to produce ROGUES with Sean McKittrick from Darko Entertainment. ROGUES was officially optioned in early 2007, and production started in July of 2008.

Q. What was the #1 motivating factor in becoming a screenwriter?

When I was a kid, going to the movies was like Christmas. I'm in that generation of film geeks whose first big movie experience was "Star Wars." Instead of pursuing film I went to school to become an advertising
copywriter, which allowed me to tell stories in radio spots, TV commercials and web videos. But like most ad guys I knew I had a few scripts in me. I always wanted to pull a Lawrence Kasdan or John Hughes and move from advertising to film.

Q. What's your current attitude toward the entertainment industry?

I think the entertainment industry is changing. The emergence of online entertainment and the ease of shooting digitally are giving more young writers and filmmakers the opportunity to tell their stories and hone their skills. I wouldn't be surprised to see a whole generation of filmmakers emerge from the new media sea change of the last five years, with new visions and unique points of view. It should be exciting.

Q. Overall experience with selling your first script? Was it what you had anticipated?

Selling my first script has been a roller coaster ride. There have been surprises, celebrations and compromises but overall it's been an amazing experience. The cast the team put together for ROGUES was incredible. Getting to hang out on set and talk to Maggie Q, Rob Corddry, Bob Odenkirk, Adam Scott, Joe Anderson, and Odette Yustman was unforgettable. The crew and producers were all great to me and Chadwick Clough, who was there with me from the beginning, was especially supportive throughout the entire process.  I consider myself very lucky.

Q. How has Rogues helped you navigate Hollywood for another sale?

The success of ROGUES has helped me land some meetings around town. As a result, I'm currently developing a script with a major studio-based company. It's been a fun ride so far but hopefully-if I just work hard enough-this is just the beginning.

Q. What are you working on now? Are you staying in the genre?

I'm currently working on another action-comedy. Similar to ROGUES, this script also tries to subvert genre and deals with the theme of identity. I think it's a lot of fun, and I'm excited about finishing it up.

Chadwick: Congratulations again, Brian!  Keep it up, my man!

(6) Script Pimp Success Stories

Former Workshop Recommends, contest winners, and Script Pimp writers are finding success with their screenplays and films.

Most recent updates:

Former Script Pimp Competition finalist Mandie Green recently began a writing assignment through Larry Levinson Productions to write a TV movie for the Hallmark Channel, an opportunity credited in part to her contest placements for her script THE MICHAELS.

With the help of Kersey Management, Matt Savelloni, a former Script Pimp writer, has been placed with the agency Hohman, Maybank, and Lieb, one of the top boutique agencies in Los Angeles.  Matt is currently teamed with another writer developing two projects with high-profile producers.

Former Script Pimp Recommend screenplay STRENGTH AND HONOR and writer/director Mark Mahon continue to rack up festival awards worldwide.  Pic stars Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, and Richard Chamberlain.  Mahon is currently working on a sequel to the film.

James K. Watts’ script BECKWOURTH, a 2008 Script Pimp Screenwriting Competition finalist, is currently under option.

Evan Daugherty, finalist and Grand Prize winner in the 2008 Script Pimp Screenwriting Competition, has secured literary writer representation from Jake Wagner at Energy Entertainment with his script SHRAPNEL.  His script also made The Blacklist, for one of the top 100 unproduced screenplays of 2008.

To view more success stories:

(7) Recent Feedback - Writers Workshop / 2008 Competition

Script Pimp's Writers Workshop has served a number of writers to start 2009.  As always, thanks to all the writers who took the time to send in their comments.

Some recent quotes:

“I want to thank the reviewer.  After all this time and all the revisions I've made to this play, they STILL found ways to make it better.  And, finally, thank you for the detailed action plan you provide for making the most of the Recommend grade.  What an incredible service you folks deliver.” – Cynthia P. (4/8)

“Not being a writer by training, I feel like I’ve gotten a college level education at a massive discount – not to mention at my own pace and in my own time frame. . . Script Pimp promotes a constructive and encouraging approach.” – Sarah R. (3/21)

“Thanks a lot for the coverage that your company did on my script. It has really helped me as a screenwriter. I'm utterly sure and confident that writing my subsequent scripts will not be a problem. I'm looking forward to doing more business will your company.” Sammie M. (3/17)

“I owe you and Script Pimp a debt of gratitude [for your notes].  And, perhaps most important of all, I feel that all this work-shopping has actually made me a better writer overall.  Needless to say, I'm now looking forward to the circulation phase.” – Gary M. (3/6)

“I just reviewed your notes and indeed, they make a lot of sense to me.  I will get right on them and resubmit to you soon.” – Carlton W. (3/4)

And some responses from our 2008 Writing Competition. . . .

"Looking forward to future dealings with Script P.I.M.P. Thank you again for your support and help. Also had a very enlightening conversation with [the finalist mentor consultant].  He was most gracious, very insightful, and open to hearing about my future efforts as well." – Ed Cound

"Many thanks for hosting the awards event!  It was a great opportunity to meet the other writers.  Thanks as well for setting up the phone meeting with [a finalist consultant]." – Suzan Flamm

"Really enjoyed talking with you and sharing war stories with the other writers [at the awards party].  Always good to connect with more film folks." – David O'Donnell

(8) Script Pimp Recommends: Slamdance Competition

Slamdance writing competitions are soon approaching their deadlines. 

For the feature competition, the Grand Prize Winner receives $5,000.00.  All entrants eligible for the Upload Films Best Low Budget Feature Award—winner receives potential option deal with Upload Films to get their script produced.  Plus, Script Accessible Award for best screenplay involving characters with disabilities and/or written by a person with disabilities, in addition to many other prizes.

For details, rules, guidelines, and to submit your feature:

Other contests include shorts and teleplays.  For info on Slamdance:

More info in next month’s newsletter. . . .

(9) Script Pimp Partner:

Script Pimp highly recommends partner InkTip to help with the promotion of your script to numerous industry pros, with over 50 credits as a Screenplay Facilitator in the past five years.

***InkTip: Find good scripts fast and easy.***

InkTip, the screenplay facilitation company, has been helping producers, filmmakers, agents, managers and name talent find good scripts and writers since 2000.

Over 80 produced films have been facilitated by InkTip with a current average of 19 films produced per year.

To see our IMDb profile, click here, or go to and search for ‘InkTip’.

In less than 2 minutes, see how InkTip works for you by watching the InkTip Explained video.

(10) Script Pimp Contest Recommendation: 2009 Horror Screenplay Contest

Enter here: 

Presented by – The #1 choice for screenplay contests.

The 2009 HORROR SCREENPLAY CONTEST: Now accepting entries

*Over $5,000.00 in cash and prizes
*Winner's Material Requested by over 50 producers, studios, agents and managers
*Limited to the first 600 entries!
*Online submissions accepted

For more information and to enter:    

(11) Script Pimp Recommended Website:

MovieJigsaw will professionally PRINT, BIND and DELIVER your screenplay to ANY UK DESTINATION - First Class!  Order before 12pm Monday to Friday and it goes same day.

Check out our website for more reasons to use our services—and why not bookmark us whilst you are there!

(12) Script Pimp in the News

To view all Script Pimp company credits, visit:

View all Script Pimp Press: 

Script Pimp's "Rogue's Gallery":

Script Pimp's feature film "The Living Wake" reviewed by Variety:

Script Pimp on TV (Peter Bart's Sunday Morning Shootout) Script Pimp Newswire:

(13) Circus of Joy – April 30th, Hollywood Improv

E-mail to get on the free guest list for the best comedy show in LA.

CIRCUS OF JOY – comedy show featuring Mike O'Connell


Daryl Wright (emcee)
Matt Dwyer
Kyle Kinane
Melissa McQueen
Brody Stevens
Nick Thune
Eddie Pepitone
Mike O'Connell

Thursday, April 30th, 10pm

Improv is @ 8162 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 651-2583.

Corner of Crescent Heights and Melrose. Street parking up and down Melrose.  

Dinner is served in the front and chicken fingers in the main room.

RSVP: For more info go to, then click Hollywood on the left.

(14) Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

The following is a guide for the Script Pimp community of five-star websites for screenwriters and aspiring filmmakers.  To post your site in this section for approval, please contact us at  


Screenwriters Federation of America

Shooting People   


International Screenwriters Association


Done Deal –


Script Copier, "Best Copier in LA" – (UK) -


Script Pimp –  

iScript –

Simply Scripts –  


Screenplay –

Slamdance -


InkTip –  


Script Pimp –

Hollywood Script Shop –


Screenwriters Utopia –


Script Pimp –


Movie Bytes –


Script Pimp –

Writers Store –


Script Pimp –  


Final Draft –


Script Pimp –  


Writers Store –  


Script Pimp –


Screenwriting Info –