(1) 2009 Script Pimp Writing Competitions – Grand Prize Winners Announced
(2) Recent Script Sales – July
(3) Script Pimp Success Stories
(4) Senior Sony Executive Reveals Huge Opportunities For Screenwriters
(5) Script Pimp Recommends: NYC Midnight Contest
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(1) Script Pimp 2009 Writing Competitions – Grand Prize Winners Announced

After over 2,500 entries, Script Pimp announced the Grand Prize winners of the 2009 Screenwriting Competition on Sunday, July 26th during the awards party at Writers Boot Camp in Santa Monica. 

In what turned out to be the most competitive year in Script Pimp’s seven-year contest history, it was no easy task to narrow down the field to just 20 finalists—and an even greater challenge to select four screenplays from such a diverse and talented group of writers. 

And in only its 2nd year, the TV Writing Contest netted such a high number of specs, pilots, and reality proposals, the Script Pimp judges decided to announce a top 10 in addition to awarding a 1st place prize. 

All Grand Prize selections were given $3,000 each, while the top script in the Teleplay Contest received $1,000.  The writers will also gain exposure to over 150 production companies, managers, and agents, some of which have already requested scripts.

Winners listed below.  For complete list, visit:


Blind Spot

Randall Greenland


Ziba Shadjaani

Lycan or Not

Frank Reavey

The Eleven

Troy Taylor


Dexter – Rites of Spring

Todd Lepre

From everyone at Script Pimp, congratulations again to the finalists.  It’s been a rewarding experience for our judges to see so many up-and-coming writers pursue excellence in their craft with obvious dedication, enthusiasm, and imagination.   

**Check back in August when registration opens for the 2010 competition:

FOR INDUSTRY: To request our list of finalist loglines, please E-mail with the name of your company and your title.

(2) Recent Script Sales – July

Well-known classic and recent video game franchises will see film adaptations, in addition to a spattering of biopics, sci-fi/adventures, and other remakes and prequels.  The “Saw” series will also see another sure-to-be gruesome installment.

Some selected/notable sales:

--“Castlevania,” based on the mega-popular video game franchise.  James Wan tapped to direct.

--A prequel to “King Kong”: the adventure “Kong: King of Skull Island.”

--The David Cronenberg project “Cosmopolis,” adapted from the Don DeLillo novel.  Story revolves around a 28-year-old multimillionaire who is chauffeured across Manhattan for a haircut but the journey takes 24 hours due to a presidential visit, anti-globalization demonstrations, and a celebrity funeral.

--Perhaps drawing inspiration from Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, a Calico Ghost Town screenplay is in the works to be based on the old Knott’s Berry Farm attraction.

--Kids of the 1990s rejoice: World of Warcraft will finally get a film rendition.  Sam Raimi set to direct for the Warner Bros. project.

--A biopic of legend Bruce Lee.

--“The Twilight Zone” adaptation, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way.

(3) Script Pimp Success Stories

Former Workshop Recommends and Script Pimp writers are finding success with their screenplays and films.

Most recent updates:

Former Script Pimp Recommend writer Sam Benavides’ short horror script MANSFIELD PATH recently completed production, and a sneak preview screened in Pasadena, CA on July 25th

Recent Script Pimp Recommend writer Micah Barnett has been signed by Jake Wagner (Energy Entertainment).  His screenplay, THE MERC LIST, an actionthriller set in the future, was Recommended by Script Pimp in May 2009 and is now primed to make its rounds in circulation.

Former Script Pimp Recommend screenplay STRENGTH AND HONOR (dir. Mark Mahon), now a multi-award-winning film, was featured on NBC’s Today show.  The film’s star, Michael Madsen, was interviewed by Meredith Viera on his role and the film’s success, along with an appearance by writer/director Mark Mahon.  For the entire interview:

To join the film’s Facebook fan page:

Evan Daugherty, finalist and Grand Prize winner in the 2008 Script Pimp Screenwriting Competition, has been hired by Warner Bros. to write an adaptation of the 1980s series MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.  His script, SHRAPNEL, also made The Blacklist for one of the top 100 unproduced screenplays of 2008.

Former Script Pimp Competition finalist Mandie Green recently began a writing assignment through Larry Levinson Productions to write a TV movie, “Sisterly Advice,” for the Hallmark Channel, an opportunity credited in part to contest placements for her script THE MICHAELS.

With the help of Kersey Management, Matt Savelloni, a former Script Pimp writer, has been placed with the agency Hohman, Maybank, and Lieb, one of the top boutique agencies in Los Angeles.  Matt is currently teamed with another writer developing two projects with high-profile producers.

To view more success stories:

(4) Senior Sony Executive Reveals Huge Opportunities For Screenwriters

*Script Pimp recommends the following presentation from The Business of Show.

Dear Screenwriter,

If you've ever wanted some real, insider information on the crucial changes taking place within the studio system, how these changes will affect YOU as a screenwriter, and how you can exploit these changes to your advantage - straight from the mouth of a Senior Vice President of Production at Sony Pictures Entertainment - then this will be a very important message for you to read.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Marvin V. Acuna and I'm a feature film producer. My last picture was "The Great Buck Howard" – starring John Malkovich, Colin Hanks, Emily Blunt, and Tom Hanks.

I'm also the founder of a company called The Business of Show Institute, the #1 online information hub for screenwriters on the business of show business.

And on Thursday, August 20th, at 11:30am Pacific Standard Time (2:30pm EST), The Business of Show Institute will be hosting a live, streaming video presentation with Senior Vice President of Production at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Samuel Dickerman.

Samuel and I will be having a "state of the union" type of discussion where we will outline all the major changes taking place within the studio system and in Hollywood. We'll also be talking specifically about how these changes will affect YOU, the screenwriter. But most importantly, we'll be discussing how you can exploit these changes to your advantage! And at the end of this discussion we'll be taking YOUR questions, live!

If you would like a distinct competitive advantage in this cutthroat business, you cannot miss this live streaming video event. (And you don't need any fancy equipment or any special technical knowledge to watch. If you can read this note, you'll be able to watch the live event from the comfort of your computer)

Here are 3 reasons why you need to attend:

1. The live, streaming video event is 100% FREE! It's our gift to you for making The Business of Show Institute the #1 online information hub for screenwriters on the business of show business. All you have to do is reserve your spot.

2. You get to ask Samuel Dickerman your questions live and in real time. Imagine, asking a senior vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment your screenwriting question... and getting real answers!

3. Even if you cannot make the actual event, register anyway as we'll be providing a replay so you can review this valuable information as many times as you like.

So go ahead and click on the link below to get all the details, and to register for this groundbreaking live event:

P.S. – As you can imagine, space is limited. So click on the link and register quickly before your spot gets taken!

(5) Script Pimp Recommends: NYC Midnight Contest

**Early Entry Sign Ups Now Taking Place for the 2009 Screenwriting Championships**

A fantasy tale about a wedding cake in a baseball stadium? A suspense thriller about a lampshade on a cruise ship?

The 2009 Screenwriting Championships (, an online writing competition from NYC Midnight (, will be awarding over $13,000 in cash and prizes to entrants who compose unconventional scripts like these. The contest contains 3 rounds, 4 writing challenges, and runs from September to December, 2009. 

In each challenge, entrants are assigned surprise genres, locations, and objects that have to be included in their screenplays (5 pages max) and have just 2 days to complete each challenge.   Writers receive points based on their placement in each challenge and writers with the most points accumulated at the end of the competition will take home a share of the prizes, which include thousands in cash, software and scholarships for writing classes at Writers Boot Camp. 

Writers of all locations and levels of experience are invited to take part in competition.  Act fast because the early fee of $39 USD lasts until August 13, 2009. Registration will close on September 23, 2009.

(6) Script Pimp Partner:

Script Pimp highly recommends partner InkTip to help with the promotion of your script to numerous industry pros, with over 50 credits as a Screenplay Facilitator in the past five years.

***InkTip: Find good scripts fast and easy.***

InkTip, a screenplay facilitation company, has been helping producers, filmmakers, agents, managers and name talent find good scripts and writers since 2000.

Over 80 produced films have been facilitated by InkTip with a current average of 19 films produced per year.

To see our IMDb profile, click here, or go to and search for ‘InkTip’.

In less than 2 minutes, see how InkTip works for you by watching the InkTip Explained video.

(7) Script Pimp Contest Recommendation: ‘09 Horror Screenplay Contest

Presented by – Since 1998 - The #1 choice for screenplay contests.

The 2009 HORROR SCREENPLAY CONTEST: Now accepting entries

*Over $5,000.00 in cash and prizes
*Winner's Material Requested by over 50 producers, studios, agents and managers
*Limited to the first 600 entries!
*Online submissions accepted

*Submission Deadline: July 20, 2009 or until filled.

For more information and to enter:

(8) Script Pimp in the News

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(9) Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

The following is a guide for the Script Pimp community of five-star websites for screenwriters and aspiring filmmakers.  To post your site in this section for approval, please contact us at  


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