(1) CALL FOR ENTRIES: Script Pimp 2010 Competitions
(2) “The Living Wake” Named “7 Masterpieces of the 00’s” by Movieline
(3) Recent Script Sales – December / Early January
(4) Box Office Report: January 1-3
(5) Ask a Script Pimp Expert: What are Some Simple Tips When Submitting to Competitions?
(6) Script Pimp Partner Article: Marvin Acuna, “Meet Buster” Part 2
(7) Script Pimp Success Stories
(8) Script Pimp Feedback: Writers Workshop and Competitions
(9) Script Pimp Partner:
(10) Script Pimp in the News
(11) Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

(1) CALL FOR ENTRIES: Script Pimp 2010 Competitions

8th Annual 2010 Script P.I.M.P. Screenwriting & Teleplay Competitions

EARLY DEADLINE: March 1st, 2010 - $45

FINAL DEADLINE: May 1st, 2010 - $50

$17,000 overall CASH to winners & $80,000 in prizes

For registration, visit:

**Writers may also request general script notes for an additional $40**

The 2010 Script Pimp Screenwriting and TV Competitions are accepting entries for feature film and TV scripts—all genres, styles, and lengths accepted.  This is an international competition and non-U.S. writers are welcome. 

$20,000 in cash to the finalists/winners, and $80,000 in prizes given away to ANYONE who enters.  Finalist loglines/scripts are sent to over 200 companies.

Four (4) Grand-Prize winners receive:

--$14,000 total cash ($3,500 each)

--$1,000 toward the "Think Tank" program at Writers Boot Camp ($4,000)

--Plus ALL the finalist prizes listed below. . . .

Top 20 Finalists receive:

--$3,200 total cash (16 finalists receive $200 each)

--Guaranteed circulation to over 200 Companies

--Mentor teleconference meetings with a producer, manager, or agent to discuss the finalist's script

--5-year memberships to Script Pimp's Writers Database ($10,000)

--Featured 'Script Pimp Recommend' listing on Ink Tip™

--$100 "Creative Currency" for Writers Boot Camp ($2,000)

--A seat to Chris Soth's Million Dollar Screenwriting Teleseminar (appx. $250/seat)

--A seat to Philippa Burgess' Million Dollar Screenwriting & Content Career Teleseminar (appx. $300/seat)

-- A seat to Steve Kaplan's Comedy Intensive Course (appx. $250/seat)

--$250 travel voucher and invitation as recognized finalist to attend the Script Pimp Awards Ceremony at Writers Boot Camp in Santa Monica, CA in July 2010 where the winners will be announced

3rd Annual 2010 Script Pimp TV Writing Competition

$1,500 Cash to Best Overall TV Script; Top 10 Finalists chosen

The 3rd Annual Script Pimp TV Writing Competition:   

Acceptable entries: Specs (current or former TV shows); Original Pilots; Reality/Game Show Proposals. Any length or genre.

Grand prize is $1,500 to the best spec, pilot, or reality series proposal.  Nine (9) other finalists receive $150 each, as well as guaranteed circulation to 200 companies and other prizes.

Contact with questions or to request more information.

To submit:

Script Pimp Home Page:

***All new Writers Database members get one FREE entry into either competition!***

Sign up here:

*miscellaneous prizes are given away at random

(2) “The Living Wake” Named “7 Masterpieces of the 00’s” by Movieline  =================================================

Script Pimp’s first feature film credit, “The Living Wake,” produced by Chadwick Clough, was named one the “7 Masterpieces of the 00’s You’ve Probably Never Seen” by in December 2009.

Pic stars Mike O’Connell and Jesse Eisenberg (“Zombieland”).  The gorgeously-shot and rather heartbreakingly poignant dark comedy centers on a man who attempts to resolve his life and reconcile with loved ones before his self-proclaimed, fast-approaching death.

Link to article:

(3) Recent Script Sales – December / Early January  

A relatively quiet December and early January for script sales, in comparison to previous months—as expected.  Script Pimp partner Sean McKittrick and Darko entertainment will co-produce the horror/romance “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” with Lionsgate and Natalie Portman’s company.  The comic adaptation bug bites again, as the franchise “Deadpool” will see a film version, and other comedies and action/thriller scripts found their way in the winter sales.  Few dramas marked the landscape of genres, at least for this period ending 2009.

Selected scripts include:

--An as-of-yet untitled Ron Howard / Vince Vaughn romantic comedy project.

--The comedy “Mail Order Groom,” which may star Tiny Fey and Steve Carell, who are producing.

--A new Mel Gibson-helmed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and centering on the Vikings.  Scripted by William Monahan.

--“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” a remake of the popular Swedish film of a different name.

(5) Box Office Report – January 1-3 

“Avatar” is insane. . . need we say more? (And “The Blind Side” isn’t doing so bad either.)

Top 10 is as follows (updated as of Jan. 4th, with TOTAL domestic rake in parentheses):

1. Avatar ($352,114,898)                                                           

2. Sherlock Holmes ($138,715,437)

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel ($155,916,935)

4. It’s Complicated ($59,178,840)

5. The Blind Side ($208,476,067)

6. Up in the Air ($44,374,918)

7. The Princess and the Frog ($85,859,339)

8. Did You Hear About the Morgans? ($25,312,384)

9. Invictus ($30,586,445)

10. Nine ($13,745,956)

(6) Ask a Script Pimp Expert: What are Some Simple Tips When Submitting to Competitions

Here are a handful of tips to get you started on the right track.  More to come soon as a full article on the Script Pimp site.

1) Proofred Everything – It may not seem like much, but it shows your professionalism and that you’re dedicated to polishing your craft.  It’s a writing contest after all, and presentation could help give you a certain edge (even misspelling “proofread” here makes this suggestion sound less legitimate, right?)

2) The First Scene is Everything (Almost) – With contests, as with any outlet you’re submitting to, really focus in on that first handful of scenes or sequence.  See if you can lure the reader in at once, get them hooked into the story.

3) Title is King – So is concept, but you’d be surprised by how many managers, agents, and production companies have a bad feeling before even reading the first page due to a weird (not off-beat, but outright weird) title.  A boring title doesn’t necessarily mean a boring script, but a ridiculous, unmarketable title will almost surely hurt (e.g. something the reader can’t even pronounce).  That said, Script Pimp has had a couple finalists in the past with wholly unmarketable, or even somewhat bland titles. . . so it doesn’t always mean you’re dead in the water, as long as the story and writing are good enough.

These are just a few of many suggestions, but stand as some of the easiest fixes that might give you the slim advantage you need.

(7) Script Pimp Partner Article: Marvin Acuna, “Meet Buster” Part 2


By Marvin V. Acuna

You know it's hard out here for a pimp (you ain't knowin)
When he tryin to get this money for the rent (you ain't knowin)
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent (you ain't knowin)
Because a whole lot of bitches talkin shit (you ain't knowin)

It’s the industry theme song playing in the background as Buster’s agent continues the marathon dialing and sales pitch.

The tastemakers on the target list have all been contacted. Buster has officially left the building.

And we’re moving.

Buster’s fate will now be met and determined by two remarkable forces. Here I’ll focus your attention on one.

As we shadow Buster on this guided tour please watch your step and as a reminder no photography or recording device of any kind is allowed.

Folks, please keep in mind that YOU are about to enter a world open only to the most elite power players in the industry, a world of mighty creatures.

Sound the Trumpets please:

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Tracking Board.

A tracking board is a network of semisecret cyber-hallways, sophisticated chat rooms and BBSes.

While there are many homegrown tracking boards and rudimentary message boards with streaming text, the power players in Hollywood use

Formed back in the late 90’s by a dozen or so studios executives, film tracker is the industry leader. They are the epicenter of privileged information.

While film tracker manages several hundred boards and has an active membership in the several thousands, the high-end boards are by invitation-only and membership is strictly controlled.

I see you nodding your head. Go ahead we have a moment. Please ask your question.

“Why do these folks share information with each other - aren't they in competition?”

Yes, yes they are in competition, but truth is that these folks need to stay in touch and network with each other. Keep in mind that these folks move from one company to the next at an alarming speed and they never know who they might be working alongside. They like you need to cultivate close relationships with their peers.

Tracking boards are simply a networking tool in Hollywood and it pays to know how to play the game and what you're up against.

And we’re moving.

Buster’s first coverage reports will begin to surface on the boards within hours of his appearance in the marketplace.

Opinions and comments begin forming immediately.

On their own, the comments and opinions formed may seem inconsequential. But it's the collective wisdom of the board members that begins to shape Buster’s destiny.

Hear me: Anonymous people began tracking Buster the minute his agent informed someone else.

Now if the coverage reports on Buster are negative, then word soon spreads over the tracking boards that this script isn't very good.

But, if the coverage reports on Buster are good, then buzz begins to build and his agent could find himself with multiple offers and dare I say it… even a bidding war. Almost instantly Buster could become the hot property.


I know it can be a scary thought to consider that Buster’s fate rests with an anonymous group of people exchanging messages over a tracking board. But, oh well… c'est la vie.

And we’re moving.

Next up… the other remarkable force.  Allow me to introduce…

To be continued.

About Producer Marvin V. Acuna: Recently executive produced The Great Buck Howard (John Malkovich, Tom Hanks, and Colin Hanks), Two Days (Paul Rudd, Donal Logue), and produced Touched (Jenna Elfman) and How Did It Feel (Blair Underwood).

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(8) Script Pimp Success Stories

Former Workshop Recommends and Script Pimp writers are finding success with their screenplays and films.

Most recent updates:

2009 Screenwriting Competition Winner Matt Allen garners representation with Script Pimp industry contact Abstract Entertainment.

Brian Watanabe, writer of “Rogues Gallery,” has signed with The Gersh Agency.

2009 Screenwriting Competition winner Troy Taylor’s script, “The Eleven,” optioned by Etch Media.

Former Script Pimp Recommend writer Sam Benavides’ short horror script MANSFIELD PATH recently completed production, and a sneak preview screened in Pasadena, CA on July 25th.  Other screenings to be planned in the near future. 

Recent Script Pimp Recommend writer Micah Barnett has been signed by Jake Wagner (Energy Entertainment).  His screenplay, THE MERC LIST, an action/thriller set in the future, was Recommended by Script Pimp in May 2009 and is now primed to make its rounds in circulation.

Former Script Pimp Recommend screenplay STRENGTH AND HONOR (dir. Mark Mahon), now a multi-award-winning film with plans for a sequel, was featured on NBC’s Today show.  The film’s star, Michael Madsen, was interviewed by Meredith Viera on his role and the film’s success, along with an appearance by writer/director Mark Mahon.  For the entire interview:

To join the film’s Facebook fan page:

Former Script Pimp Competition finalist Mandie Green recently began a writing assignment through Larry Levinson Productions to write a TV movie, “Sisterly Advice,” for the Hallmark Channel, an opportunity credited in part to contest placements for her script THE MICHAELS.

With the assistance of Kersey Management, Matt Savelloni, a former Script Pimp writer, has been placed with the agency Hohman, Maybank, and Lieb, one of the top boutique agencies in Los Angeles.  Matt is currently teamed with another writer developing two projects with high-profile producers.

More success stories:

(9) Script Pimp Feedback: Writers Workshop and Competitions

As always, thanks to all the writers worldwide who took the time to send in their comments.  Some recent quotes, including writers who requested additional competition feedback in 2009:

“Thank you so much.  The reader did an EXCELLENT job.  Not only is it clear that the script was read with extreme attention, the critical notes are thoughtful and VERY helpful as opposed to destructive.  And also, thanks for the praise, that's always nice, though the suggestions for improvement were even nicer!  I would say the best aspect of the coverage was the acute understanding by the reader of the script I am trying to achieve.  The notes address the script I would like to write, not some fictional notion of the script I might have written.” – Zeke F. (10/13)

“I've used your service before, and actually won third prize in a screenplay competition thanks to some of your suggestions. Thanks again!” – Steve M. (9/7)

“The notes [additional competition feedback] were articulate, insightful, and very much appreciated.  Clearly, they came from someone who actually took the time to carefully read my script and compose a well thought out analysis (something which I am learning is not always the case with some "big name" screenplay competitions).  I can honestly say that I couldn't be more satisfied with my Script PIMP experience.” – Alex L. (9/2)

“Thank you for your thoughtful review of my script.  It's nice to know that it was read so carefully. [contest additional feedback]” – Janet R. (9/1)

“Thank you so much for your precise and constructive notes! [contest additional feedback]” – Beth S. (9/1)

“Thank you for the valuable feedback.  I plan on using much of it in my next re-write. [contest additional feedback]” – Dan R. (9/1)

 “I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the great job you did on the requested additional notes on my screenplay.  I appreciate your honesty, and I will follow up on your suggestions.  I wasn't expecting to win since I was more interested and did want your feedback.  Once again, thank you, and I will keep my eye out for your future competitions.” – Helen B. (8/27)

“Wonderful feedback, very impressive and welcome.  Exceptionally well-run contest.  Thanks very much for the insights.” [regarding competition feedback] – Josh L. (8/22)

“As for your evaluator, I would give him/her a 10 across the board.   Although I didn't agree with everything, the comments and suggests were all valid and smart.  In my revised script, I incorporated many of the suggestions.    Money well spent.  Thanks again.” – Mark A.

“I have to say Script P.I.M.P. has been a great experience. The staff is always courteous and professional. Any questions are immediately answered, 24/7. The writer's database has been a fantastic resource and I look forward to continuing my relationship with the P.I.M.P.” – Sean Fallon

“I've found SP to be very professional and proactive, even going so far as calling me the day before the contest posted, to let me know that I was a finalist. Matt, over at Script P.I.M.P, has been very communicative throughout the entire process, and answered all my questions in a timely manner. The best thing about the contest though, is that I've already received several read requests from managers and production companies.” – Jason Carreiro

“Script P.I.M.P.'s contest is very professionally run, and so far it has been an excellent experience. I feel that the contest definitely has potential to open doors, and potentially offer significant exposure to winners and finalists. I highly recommend this contest and commend the very helpful people running it!” – Matthew Altman

(10) Script Pimp Partner:

Script Pimp highly recommends partner InkTip to help with the promotion of your script to numerous industry pros, with over 50 credits as a Screenplay Facilitator in the past five years.

***InkTip: Find good scripts fast and easy.***

InkTip, a screenplay facilitation company, has been helping producers, filmmakers, agents, managers and name talent find good scripts and writers since 2000.

Over 80 produced films have been facilitated by InkTip with a current average of 19 films produced per year.

To see our IMDb profile, go to and search for ‘InkTip’, or visit:

In less than 2 minutes, see how InkTip works for you by watching the InkTip Explained video:

(11) Script Pimp in the News

To view all Script Pimp company credits, visit:

For the Rogues Gallery Facebook page:

View all Script Pimp Press: (scroll down to In the News section)

“The Living Wake” Picked by Movieline as a “Masterpiece” of the 00s:

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Script Pimp Reviewed by Associated Content:

Chadwick Clough Interview:

Script Pimp's "Rogue's Gallery":

Script Pimp's feature film "The Living Wake" reviewed by Variety:

Script Pimp on TV (Peter Bart's Sunday Morning Shootout): (click on link at top of home page)

(12) Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

The following is a guide for the Script Pimp community of five-star websites for screenwriters and aspiring filmmakers.  To post your site in this section for approval, please contact us at  


Screenwriters Federation of America

Shooting People   

International Screenwriters Association


Done Deal –



Script Pimp –  

iScript –

Simply Scripts –  


Screenplay –

Kairos Prize – 

Cinestory –

Slamdance –


InkTip –  


Script Pimp –

Hollywood Script Shop –


Screenwriters Utopia –


Script Pimp –

Writers Boot Camp –


Movie Bytes –


Script Pimp –

Writers Store –


Script Pimp –  


Final Draft –

Movie Outline –


Script Pimp –  



Vancouver Film School –


Writers Store –  


Script Pimp –


Screenwriting Info –