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Grand Prize Winners Announced: 2010 Writing Competitions

Operation Endgame Released: DVD & Theatrical

Interview: '09 Finalists Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett

Recent Script Sales - July

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Script Pipeline Recommends: International Gay Screenplay Contest 

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Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

Grand Prize Winners Announced: 2010 Writing Competitions

Script  Pipeline Comptition 8th Annual 2010 Script P.I.M.P. Screenwriting & Teleplay Competitions

***Grand Prize Winners Announced***

On July 25th at Writers Boot Camp in Santa Monica, CA, Script Pipeline announced the winners of the Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions.  The event was attended by industry execs, Script Pipeline staff, and the majority of our finalist writers. 

Best of all, we've already started linking up some of the finalists and winners with writing assignments through our production company/producer and manager contacts! Check back soon to view their success stories.

Feature Screenplay Grand Prize Winners

Henry the Second
- Tripper Clancy
Madness - Teresa Lo
Prom Queen - Debbie Cheseboro & Tyson FitzGerald 
Second Born - David Jagernauth

TV Writing Grand Prize Winner

 Modern Family - "Last Will and Temperance"

Winners Pic
From Left: Tyson FitzGerald & Debbie Chesebro,
Tripper Clancy, Teresa Lo, and Benjamin Morgan

Congratualtions to all five winners! Check back September 1st to register for the 2011 Competitions.

For more Script Pipeline services, check out:

Writers Database
Writers Workshop

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Operation Endgame Released: DVD & Theatrical

 Operation Endgame PosterFormer Writers Workshop "Recommend" screenplay Rogues Gallery is now the feature action/comedy Operation Endgame, which was released theatrically in New York and Los Angeles this July.  The film revolves around a team of assassins who turn on one another after their boss is murdered.  Stars Rob Corddry, Ellen Barkin, Ving Rhames, Joe Anderson, Maggie Q, Zach Galifianakis, Emilie de Ravin, Adam Scott, and a host of others

Six years ago, writer Brian Watanabe sent a screenplay to Script Pipeline's Writers Workshop.  After receiving a Recommend, producer Chadwick Clough brought the project to Darko Entertainment, in 2008 it was produced, and in July 2010 the film was released theatrically and on DVD.  Although the process wasn't quite that simple, the end result was the second feature-length screenplay produced by Script Pipeline owner/founder Chadwick Clough.   

Now available on DVD.  Check site for more details: Operation Endgame Site & Trailer

Add Operation Endgame to your Netflix Queue

Read the Script Pipeline interview with Brian Watanabe

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Interview: '09 Finalists Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett

Script Pipeline recently interviewed 2009 Competition finalists Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett, who just wrapped production on the feature film Virgin Alexander, co-written and co-directed by the two.  They talked with SP Director of Development Matt Misetich about the production process and how their finalist placing with Denny Delivers in 2009 helped secure funding for their latest film.

Fallon/Barrett Pic

Script Pipeline: How long have you two been writing individually?  As a team?

Sean/Charlotte: We started writing full length scripts in 2004 and have been writing as a team since 2005.

SP: Were either of you "formally" trained in film and screenwriting (i.e. through a university film program, extension classes, etc.), or were you more or less self-taught?

S/C: We actually met at our first day orientation at NYU.  We both transferred into the undergrad film program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and immediately began working on each other’s short films.  Our senior year we wrote a short together that Charlotte directed.

SP: What do you think is the best way to go about becoming a professional screenwriter?

S/C: Write every day.  That’s what helped us the most.  It can be tough to balance that with a day job, but your day job shouldn’t be taking over your life.  While living in LA I worked in the machine room at a company that made movie trailers.  Because I was behind a locked door with high-tech equipment, I convinced others that my job was really complicated so they left me alone.  The truth is I only had to burn copies of DVD’s so I had plenty of free time to write.  At the same time, Charlotte was working as a dog walker so in between her appointments we would constantly be talking and emailing each other scenes.  That’s how we wrote most of Denny Delivers.

SP: Tell us about your 2009 Script Pipeline Finalist script, Denny Delivers. What did the placing in the contest do for you?

S/C: Denny Delivers is an action comedy/family drama.  It’s about a 57-year-old, recently fired mailman who takes an overnight delivery job from the mob when his daughter forces him to start paying rent. 

[The script] being a 2009 Script Pipeline Finalist was huge.  After the competition, we were contacted by a producer and we pitched him our script, Virgin Alexander.  He read it, loved it, and we last week we wrapped principal photography.

SP: So Virgin Alexander goes into production soon.  How did that come about? Who's directing? The cast? The story?

S/C: At the end of December 2009, we pitched Virgin Alexander to our producer, Houston Hill.   He read it over New Year’s and by January 5th we were putting together our business proposal.  When Charlotte and I pitched Virgin Alexander, we were always going to direct it.  Luckily, Houston loved our vision for the film.

The film is about Alexander, a 26-year-old scrap hauler, who is about to be evicted.  In a last ditch effort to save his house, he turns it into a brothel – even though he has never had sex before.

The film stars Rick Faugno (Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys), Paige Howard (Adventureland), Mika Boorem (John Carpenter’s The Ward & Blue Crush), David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight), and Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers & True Romance).

SP: How does a young filmmaker actually get their film made, from your perspective?  What needs to happen?  Does genre matter?

S/C: A great script.  This was a very low-budget film.  It was made under the Screen Actor’s Guild Ultra Low Budget guidelines, so no one was doing it for money.  Most of our cast and crew probably lost money making this movie, but they all loved the script and wanted to be a part of it.

It was the script that opened all the doors for us.  From our producer, to our investors, to our cast and crew, without a great script nothing else matters.  

SP: What's next after Virgin Alexander?

S/C: Months of editing.   But while we are editing, we also have some investors interested in Denny Delivers and we are writing a new script.  Now that the shoot is over, it’s time to get back to work and write every day.

*For more info on Virgin Alexander, visit the IMDB page and be on the lookout for more info when the film wraps post-production. From everyone at Script Pipeline, we wish Sean and Charlotte the best.

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Recent Script Sales - July

A flood of comic book and graphic novel adaptations continue to move into development, including The Untamed, A Contract with God, Astro City, The Strange Case of Hyde, and the likely much-anticipated Xerxes, the prequel to Frank Miller's bloody and epic masterpiece, 300.  A vampire twist on the biblical story of Cain, a handful of novel adaptations, such as a live-action story of the original Little Mermaid tale, and yet another version of South Pacific (not that there's anything wrong with that. . . .) fill out the rest of the month.

Other selected sales include:

--Guillermo del Toro will helm the Disney-inspired pic The Haunted Mansion.

--Also from Disney, Tink, focusing on. . . well, who else? Tinkerbell.  Elizabeth Banks will star in the live-action film.

The Grimm Brothers' Hansel and Gretel will have a 3D re-telling.

--Nia Vardalos to pen Happy Mother's Day, a road comedy involving four moms.

--Echoing shades of Groundhog Day, the teen comedy Before I Fall, which centers on a student reliving the same day over and over again.

View previous script sales

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Script Pipeline Success Stories

2009 Script Pipeline Finalists Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett's Film to be Produced

Thanks to their top 20 placement in the 2009 Script P.I.M.P./Pipeline Screenwriting Competition with the script Denny Delivers, writers Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett caught the attention of a producer who would end up producing their first feature, Virgin Alexander. Production is slated for 2010.  View the film's IMDB page.

2008 Script Pipeline Winning Script “Shrapnel” Optioned by FilmEngine

“Shrapnel” by Evan Daugherty, one of the four grand prize winners of Script Pipeline’s 2008 competition, was recently optioned by FilmEngine LA.  The script is currently going out to talent and the process of securing financing has begun.

After introductions to Jake Wagner (previously of Energy Entertainment) by Script Pipeline, Evan landed representation with Energy.  After meetings with top execs, Evan was hired by Warner Bros. to pen an adaptation of their then-franchise Greyskull, based on the TV show and action figure line He-Man.  To top off a big year for the young writer: "Shrapnel" made The Blacklist as one of the “hottest” unproduced scripts of 2008.

From the judges who reviewed "Shrapnel" and the entire staff at Script Pipeline, we wish Evan the best as his career steams ahead.

Read the Script Pipeline interview with Evan Daugherty

2009 Writers Workshop “Recommend” Screenplay Optioned by Paranormal Activity Producers

Micah Barnett’s “The Merc List,” submitted to the Script Pipeline Writers Workshop in 2009, has been optioned by Jason Blum and Steven Schneider, the producers of Paranormal Activity. 

In what was a somewhat quick progression of events, writer Micah Barnett submitted the action script to the Workshop, received his notes with a “strong consider” grade, and was given some additional feedback from a senior analyst within a handful of days.  Script Pipeline then sent "The Merc List" direct to some potentially suitable management companies, it was quickly read, and Micah signed with a manager within the week. The script getting optioned took less than a year.

For more info on the Writers Workshop and our process of circulation assistance, click here.

Recommend Writers Suzanne Gill and Ann Isherwood Option “The Pet Sitter”

Through an extensive series of notes and feedback, including one-on-one consults, from Script Pipeline’s Writers Workshop, Suzanne Gill and Ann Isherwood have drawn the attention of Barbara Bitel with the Silver Bitela Agency, who is now repping their project, “The Pet Sitter.”  Barbara discovered the screenplay through Script Pipeline partner InkTip.  Numerous drafts of the romantic comedy were submitted, as Suzanne and Ann reworked the screenplay based on in-depth Workshop notes.

Other recent or notable success stories:

More success stories

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Script Pipeline Partner: The Writers Store

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Script Pipeline Recommends: International Gay Screenplay Contest


One in Ten

For more information:
Mike Dean
One In Ten Screenplay Contest

Hollywood, CA - The ONE IN TEN SCREENPLAY CONTEST, a screenplay contest dedicated to the positive portrayal of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and queer individuals in film, celebrates its 12th anniversary in 2010.  Entries are now being accepted online and are limited to the first 600 for 2010.  Executive Director, David Jensen, "We are excited to celebrate our 12th anniversary and are looking at a record number of entries this year.   We are continually amazed with the quality of talent that comes through the door year after year."  Jensen continues, "We receive entries from around the globe and Hollywood is taking notice in a very big way.  Many of our past winners are now hard-working screenwriters.  Last year's winner has received substantial interest and representation by one of Hollywood's top management and production houses."

The ONE IN TEN SCREENPLAY CONTEST has gained respect and notoriety from Hollywood studios, agents, and producers.  Entries for the 2010 screenplay contest are now being accepted online at: - Writers from around the world are eligible.

Prizes for 2010 include cash, industry exposure, and merchandise.  The 2010 One In Ten Screenplay Contest is sponsored by: Cherub Productions, Hollywood Creative Directory,, Brainstorm Warehouse, LLC, Michael Weise Productions,, , , and Jungle Software.

The submission deadline for 2010 ONE IN TEN SCREENPLAY CONTEST is September
1, 2010.  Entry forms are available online through the contest website:  Entry forms may also be obtained through the mail by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:

One In Ten Screenplay Contest
Post Office Box 540
Boulder, Colorado 80306
(303) 629-3072

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Script Pipeline Feedback

Thanks to all the writers worldwide who took the time to send in their comments.  For more extensive list of Feedback, click here.

Here are just a sampling of some recent quotes, including feedback on contest entry notes:

"The notes are extremely helpful and I look forward to re-shaping the script based on your notes."
"Thank you ever so much for these wonderful suggestions [on my competition entry]. I am grateful to have such feedback so that I may regroup and begin again."
"I wanted to thank you for your feedback. I think it was very helpful and constructive, but most importantly, it was thoughtful and professional. It made me feel like they took the time to actually analyze rather than just skim through."
"Thank you for the comments on [my script]. They were incisive and now can help me with other drafts."
"Thanks to everyone at Script Pipeline who was involved with the competition and the notes!"
"Thank you for the direction [re: contest notes], I truly appreciate your candor and insight."
"I think it's an awesome service you provide, and especially cool that you are willing to critique queries. Thank you!!"
"Being Script Pipeline finalists changed our careers. We went from begging friends for a read to now directing our own script with an incredible cast (Virgin Alexander).  We are forever grateful to Matt, Chadwick, and the entire Script Pipeline team." - Sean Fallon / Charlotte Barrett (2009 Finalists)

"My notes were provided in record time. I really appreciate that. Very pleased with the notes themselves; very good coverage analysis; examples were greatly appreciated."

"Once again, after a first quick read, these notes are already useful. The script is still developing, as you know, but I am excited to report that it has been optioned and I am working with a producer/director to develop it. That process is underway, and your notes are timely."

"Thanks for the prompt service. I found the notes to be exceptional— well written, incisive, thorough, and upbeat. I have taken many of the suggestions to heart and will begin a rewrite forthwith.
"Although I'm just printing this out now to read, I would like to extend a big thank you for responding so promptly to my questions. It looks like Andrew [consultant] addressed everything I wanted to know." 

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Script Pipeline Partner:

Script Pimp highly recommends partner InkTip to help with the promotion of your script to numerous industry pros, with over 50 credits as a Screenplay Facilitator in the past five years.

 Tip       ***InkTip: Find good scripts fast and easy***

InkTip, a screenplay facilitation company, has been helping producers, filmmakers, agents, managers, and name talent find good scripts and writers since 2000.

Over 80 produced films have been facilitated by InkTip with a current average of 19 films produced per year.

To see our IMDb profile, go to and search for ‘InkTip'.

In less than 2 minutes, see how InkTip works for you by watching the InkTip Explained video

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Script Pipeline in the News

To view all Script Pimp company credits, visit:

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Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

The following is a guide for the Script Pimp community of five-star websites for screenwriters and aspiring filmmakers.  To post your site in this section for approval, please contact us at


Screenwriters Federation of America
Shooting People
International Screenwriters Association


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Final Draft
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Script Magazine
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Vancouver Film School


Writers Store


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