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SP 10th Anniversary Discount: 20% off Database/Workshop

The Living Wake: Now Available on Netflix

SP Partner: Scriptwriters Network - New Contest

SP Partner: Chris Soth - Interview with 'Machete' Writer

Recent Script Sales - July

Script Pipeline Success Stories  

Script Pipeline Partner: The Writers Store

Script Pipeline Recommends: International Gay Screenplay Contest 

Script Pipeline Feedback 

Script Pipeline in the News 

Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

SP 10th Anniversary Discount: 20% off Database/Workshop

To celebrate Script Pipeline's 10th anniversary, we're offering 20% off ALL Workshop notes and new Writers Database member subscriptions (yes, that includes consults--an over $100 savings).

USE PROMO CODE Pipeline2010 DURING REGISTRATION. This offer is set to expire soon!

Writers Database About the Writers Database

 Through a composite directory, Script Pipeline has gathered the specific needs and submission guidelines of production and management companies, literary agencies, independent producers, and creative executives searching for scripts. Along with extensive resources, this information is available through their members-only Writers Database, where users may search through 1,300-plus listings. Database members also have the ability to send inquires to our members-only E-mail for answer about writing, film, and the industry in general.

More info: Writers Database

Writers Workshop About the Writers Workshop

The Writers Workshop reviews screenplays, short scripts, and TV specs/pilots, with options for full Development Notes, an Overall Review, or Studio-Style Coverage.  Though mainly analyses are given via E-mail, the nature of the Workshop promotes a more one-on-one style of development.  Writers may engage in FREE follow-ups with their evaluator, as well as ask our staff for any advice pertaining to the circulation of their scripts.  Writers receiving a "Recommend" on their script are given further assistance in preparing for the spec marketplace, in addition to working with a Senior Analyst one-on-one to polish/fine-tune their work. 

Recent quotes from Workshop writers:

"[The Workshop reader] does a fantastic job of telling me what I need to hear. . . also does a great job with telling me about how well certain changes may play out given the suggestions. Worth every penny."

"As a writer with very limited experience, the assistance your company has given me has been wonderful. I had my consultation on Saturday and have begun the process of re-working my script. Just three days after the consultation, the script is reading better than ever. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help."

More info: Writers Workshop


Check back in early September for:
The 2011 Script Pipeline Screenwriting & TV Writing Competitions

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The Living Wake: Now on DVD & VOD The Living Wake Poster

Now available on Netflix, DVD, and VOD: the Mike O'Connell / Jesse Eisenberg dramedy The Living Wake.   

Produced by Script P.I.M.P./Pipeline, the film traces the final day of K. Roth Binew (O'Connell), who, alongside his trusted assistant Mills (Eisenberg), attempts to find meaning and make amends with those around him before an inevitable death.  The film also features appearances by veteran actress Ann Dowd and comedian Jim Gaffigan.

The Living Wake won the Comedic Vision award at the 2007 Austin Film Festival, as well as the Audience Award at the Woodstock Film Festival.  Director Sol Tryon notched the Heineken Red Star Award at CineVegas in 2007 as well. 

In 2009, Wake was noted by Movieline as one of the top 7 "masterpieces you've likely never seen" of the 2000s.

Add The Living Wake to your Netflix queue and follow the film on Facebook:


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SP Partner: Scriptwriter's Network - New Contest

Scriptwriters Network

Script Pipeline highly recommends all writers check out the Scriptwriters Network, an extraordinary organization that has been assisting writers for over two decades.  More info below on their upcoming contest. . . .

The Scriptwriters Network is launching its inaugural High Concept Screenplay Competition, currently the only one of its kind.  It emphasizes the "high concept" aspect of storytelling in writing for all genres.  This sets it apart from other competitions due to the overwhelming demand by studios and producers of this type of motion picture material. 

A high concept screenplay:

•    has a great premise – the idea is king (Big)
•    has a memorable title – it conveys what the movie is about (Wedding Crashers)
•    has a visual logline – you can see the movie (40 Year Old Virgin)
•    has universal appeal – all demographics “get it” (Star Trek)
•    has a simple throughline, clear conflicts, high stakes, a hook, a ticking clock and/ or a twist (Liar Liar)
•    can be summed up succinctly in 25 words or less (Seven, Home Alone)

The Winners, Finalists, and Semi-finalists will gain tremendous exposure to the entertainment community by placing in this competition and will be listed on our website.  Also, the first, second, and third place winners will be awarded $3000, $1000, and $500, respectively.

To enter, please visit for further details. 

The deadline is November 30, 2010
.  Good Luck!

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SP Partner: Chris Soth - Interview w/'Machete' Writer

Script Pipeline partner Chris Soth will be interviewing Alvaro Rodriguez, writer of the new Robert Rodriguez film Machete.  The movie stars Danny Trejo, Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, and more. Best of all, the call is FREE.

More info below. . . .


Register here:
Machete Pic

FREE Live Conference Call, 5:30 Pacific Time, Thursday, September 9th -- but you have to sign up at:

See the instant cult hit this weekend, talk with the writer, Alvaro Rodriguez, THURSDAY -- live,
on the phone, from the comfort of your home!

But you have to register now!  You can't miss this!

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Recent Script Sales - August

Riding his train of popularity, Steve Carrell hops on board another comedy, a remake of an Argentine film, A Boyfriend for My Wife.  Kind of self-explanatory. . . .  The immensely popular comic series (well, sort of--at least for the seventies) Iron Fist is getting a film version, and Angelina Jolie dips her feet in the romance/war drama genre again in an as-of-yet untitled Serbian/Bosnian love story.  And if that doesn't get you crying, don't weep too hard fans of the 1980s (all 12 of you): the Jaden Smith version of Karate Kid will see a sequel.

Other notable sales include:

--Morgan Creek will take on the Tupac story.  Antoine Fuqua is set to direct.

--A 3-D film chronicling the Battle of Midway during WWII.

--Piranha 3-D = sequel. No word yet on what dimension it'll be in. . . .

-- The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are returning to their live-action renditions. Hopefully less retro muppet-like than the last version.

--Take that super-cool Jesse Eisenberg Facebook movie: Google has its own story hitting the screen with Googled: The End of the World As We Know It.

View previous script sales

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Script Pipeline Success Stories

2009 Script Pipeline Finalists Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett's Film to be Produced - August, 2010

Thanks to their top 20 placement in the 2009 Script P.I.M.P./Pipeline Screenwriting Competition with the script Denny Delivers, writers Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett caught the attention of a producer who would end up producing their first feature, Virgin Alexander. Production is slated for 2010.  View the film's IMDB page.

2008 Script Pipeline Winning Script “Shrapnel” Optioned by FilmEngine - 2010

“Shrapnel” by Evan Daugherty, one of the four grand prize winners of Script Pipeline’s 2008 competition, was recently optioned by FilmEngine LA.  The script is currently going out to talent and the process of securing financing has begun.

After introductions to Jake Wagner (previously of Energy Entertainment) by Script Pipeline, Evan landed representation with Energy.  After meetings with top execs, Evan was hired by Warner Bros. to pen an adaptation of their then-franchise Greyskull, based on the TV show and action figure line He-Man.  To top off a big year for the young writer: "Shrapnel" made The Blacklist as one of the “hottest” unproduced scripts of 2008.

From the judges who reviewed "Shrapnel" and the entire staff at Script Pipeline, we wish Evan the best as his career steams ahead.

Read the Script Pipeline interview with Evan Daugherty

2009 Writers Workshop “Recommend” Screenplay Optioned by Paranormal Activity Producers - 2010

Micah Barnett’s “The Merc List,” submitted to the Script Pipeline Writers Workshop in 2009, has been optioned by Jason Blum and Steven Schneider, the producers of Paranormal Activity. 

In what was a somewhat quick progression of events, writer Micah Barnett submitted the action script to the Workshop, received his notes with a “strong consider” grade, and was given some additional feedback from a senior analyst within a handful of days.  Script Pipeline then sent "The Merc List" direct to some potentially suitable management companies, it was quickly read, and Micah signed with a manager within the week. The script getting optioned took less than a year.

For more info on the Writers Workshop and our process of circulation assistance, click here.

Recommend Writers Suzanne Gill and Ann Isherwood Option “The Pet Sitter” - 2010

Through an extensive series of notes and feedback, including one-on-one consults, from Script Pipeline’s Writers Workshop, Suzanne Gill and Ann Isherwood have drawn the attention of Barbara Bitel with the Silver Bitela Agency, who is now repping their project, “The Pet Sitter.”  Barbara discovered the screenplay through Script Pipeline partner InkTip.  Numerous drafts of the romantic comedy were submitted, as Suzanne and Ann reworked the screenplay based on in-depth Workshop notes.

Other recent or notable success stories:

More success stories

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Script Pipeline Partner: The Writers Store

Looking for the Best Deals on Software, Books and Supplies?

Let our friends at The Writers Store help you build your own resource library filled with software, books and those ever-elusive script supplies.  They’ve been assisting screenwriters since 1982 with everything from free screenwriting tips and advice to great deals on Hollywood Creative Directory, Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter and other screenwriting software. Visit or call 800.272.8927 today.

Save an additional 10% when you mention or enter PIPELINE during checkout.

And as a Script Pipeline BONUS: spend $20 or more at The Writers Store and receive 10% off ANY Script Pipeline service.  E-mail for more info on this special offer. – 800.272.8927

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Script Pipeline Recommends: International Gay Screenplay Contest


One in Ten

For more information:
Mike Dean
One In Ten Screenplay Contest

Hollywood, CA - The ONE IN TEN SCREENPLAY CONTEST, a screenplay contest dedicated to the positive portrayal of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and queer individuals in film, celebrates its 12th anniversary in 2010.  Entries are now being accepted online and are limited to the first 600 for 2010.  Executive Director, David Jensen, "We are excited to celebrate our 12th anniversary and are looking at a record number of entries this year.   We are continually amazed with the quality of talent that comes through the door year after year."  Jensen continues, "We receive entries from around the globe and Hollywood is taking notice in a very big way.  Many of our past winners are now hard-working screenwriters.  Last year's winner has received substantial interest and representation by one of Hollywood's top management and production houses."

The ONE IN TEN SCREENPLAY CONTEST has gained respect and notoriety from Hollywood studios, agents, and producers.  Entries for the 2010 screenplay contest are now being accepted online at: - Writers from around the world are eligible.

Prizes for 2010 include cash, industry exposure, and merchandise.  The 2010 One In Ten Screenplay Contest is sponsored by: Cherub Productions, Hollywood Creative Directory,, Brainstorm Warehouse, LLC, Michael Weise Productions,, , , and Jungle Software.

The submission deadline for 2010 ONE IN TEN SCREENPLAY CONTEST is September
1, 2010.  Entry forms are available online through the contest website:  Entry forms may also be obtained through the mail by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:

One In Ten Screenplay Contest
Post Office Box 540
Boulder, Colorado 80306
(303) 629-3072

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Script Pipeline Feedback

Thanks to all the writers worldwide who took the time to send in their comments.  For more extensive list of Feedback, click here.

Here are just a sampling of some recent quotes, including feedback on contest entry notes:

"As a writer with very limited experience, the assistance your company has given me [Writers Workshop consult] has been wonderful. I had my consultation. . . and have begun the process of re-working my script. Just three days after the consultation the script is reading better than ever."
"The Script Pipeline Writers Workshop is a huge help with rewrites. I was impressed with The Script P.I.M.P. Contest‘s ability to stay on time and their overall professionalism. It was great to meet industry people and the other finalists." - Russ Meyer (2010 Finalist) 
"What drew me to enter Script Pipeline was their reputation for helping to discover young writers and my own desire to compete. Being in a contest with over 3,400 people forces you to elevate your own material -- that level of competition is great for all writers to experience because it simply makes your stuff better. My experience since being named a finalist has been wonderful. Not only have the fine people at Script Pipeline helped develop my material, they've introduced me to a number of people and have expanded my own circle of contacts within the industry." - Greg Ernstrom (2010 Finalist)
"It was a really great experience all around working with Matt and the team at Script P.I.M.P./Script Pipeline. They were amazingly professional, organized, and committed to helping me and my script reach the next level. . . . The contest win itself was enormously helpful to me, but beyond that, they offered me script notes, feedback, mentoring, and a wide variety of industry contacts to help me get my work out there and move my script forward." - Daniel Ragussis (2010 Finalist)
"I wanted to thank you for your feedback. I think it was very helpful and constructive, but most importantly, it was thoughtful and professional. It made me feel like they took the time to actually analyze rather than just skim through."
"My experience has been nothing but positive with Matt, Chad, and Script Pipeline. The guys have created a wonderfully supportive environment for up and coming writers and are truly interested in helping to promote new talent. I couldn't recommend them more highly." - Debbie Chesebro (2010 Finalist)
"The notes are extremely helpful and I look forward to re-shaping the script based on your notes."
"Thank you for the direction [re: contest notes], I truly appreciate your candor and insight."
"I had an awesome experience with Script Pipeline. They are extremely organized and well-connected in the industry, and as a writer aspiring to "break in," I felt like they really worked to use their resources to help me and all the other finalists reach our writing goals." - Teresa Lo (2010 Finalist)
"I think it's an awesome service you provide, and especially cool that you are willing to critique queries. Thank you!!"
"Being Script Pipeline finalists changed our careers. We went from begging friends for a read to now directing our own script with an incredible cast (Virgin Alexander).  We are forever grateful to Matt, Chadwick, and the entire Script Pipeline team." - Sean Fallon / Charlotte Barrett (2009 Finalists)

"My notes were provided in record time. I really appreciate that. Very pleased with the notes themselves; very good coverage analysis; examples were greatly appreciated."

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Script Pipeline in the News

To view all Script Pimp company credits, visit:

Chadwick Clough/Matt Misetich Script Pipeline Blogtalk Radio Interview

The Living Wake - Creative Screenwriting Podcast Interview

Operation Endgame Facebook page

"The Living Wake Picked by Movieline as a "Masterpiece of the 00s"

Script P.I.M.P. Named Top 50 Websites by Moviemaker

Script Pipeline Reviewed by Associated Content

Chadwick Clough Interview:

Script Pipeline's Operation Endgame (aka "Rogue's Gallery") in The Hollywood Reporter

Script P.I.M.P. on TV (Peter Bart's Sunday Morning Shootout): (click on link at top of home page)

View all Script Pipeline Press: (scroll down to In the News section)

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Miscellaneous - Top Websites for Screenwriters

The following is a guide for the Script Pimp community of five-star websites for screenwriters and aspiring filmmakers.  To post your site in this section for approval, please contact us at


Screenwriters Federation of America
Shooting People
International Screenwriters Association


Done Deal



Script Pipeline
Simply Scripts




Kairos Prize
Movie Bytes




Hollywood Script Shop 


Screenwriters Utopia


The Writers Junction


Writers Boot Camp




Writers Store


Final Draft
Movie Outline


Script Magazine
Creative Screenwriting


Vancouver Film School


Writers Store


Screenwriting Info  
Script Pipeline Partners
  Final Draft   Script Magazine   MovieMaker Magazine  Creative Screenwriting 
Writers Boot Camp    iScript  Ink

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