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September Newsletter

In This Issue

1) NEW CONTEST: 2012 Great Movie Idea Competition

2) Secret Door Pitchfest - Nov. 5

3) Script Sales - August

4) Script Pipeline Recommends: John Truby Master Class

5) Script Pipeline Supports: InkTip

NEW CONTEST: 2012 Great Movie Idea Competition

2012 Great Movie Idea Contest

Winner receives $1,000 and meetings with:



Not a writer? Not a problem. 

Script Pipeline’s Great Movie Idea Contest
gives you the chance to pitch ANY concept you think is film-worthy. All genres and subject matter welcome. Repeat: ALL subject matter. So finally time to dust off that random story your grandfather told you 20 years ago. It might be the next big movie.  

And absolutely no writing experience necessary. Just get creative—really, way-beyond-outside-of-the-box creative. Because we pick one amazing idea and set up the winner with exclusive industry meetings to discuss their pitch.

Script Pipeline has always been about access, linking talented screenwriters with the proper channels in the hopes of selling their work. Now, all you need is a single, awesome concept.

Learn more and register HERE.

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Secret Door Pitchfest - November 5

Secret Door Pitchfest
presented by Script Pipeline

2011 DATES:

November 5 - Last one this year!


Secret Door

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Recent Script Sales - August


A ton of remakes are in the works, including The Thin Man with Johnny Depp, Dirty Dancing, Wargames, Flatliners, The Wild Bunch. . . .  There's more, but you get the idea: the industry needs more great, original ideas.  A handful of mostly romantic comedies and dramas fill out the remainder of September.  Although the one bright (and pretty cool) spot comes from 11/22/63, where a man travels back in time to try and stop the JFK assassination.  Based on an upcoming Stephen King novel.  King's epic tale The Stand is also getting a feature re-boot.

Other script sales include:

- Legendary director Ridley Scott takes on a new and seemingly less legendary-like challenge: a film based on the board game Monopoly.

- Abigail Breslin will star in the teen comedy A Virgin Mary, signaling her official entrance into the PG-13 teen/sex/comedy crowd.

- A sequel to the Wolverine solo story.  Promises to be even Wolveriner.

- The Last Exorcism Part 2. . . which is sort of a contradiction, no?

View previous script sales

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Script Pipeline Recommends: John Truby Master Class

John Truby's 3-Day Story and Screenwriting Master Class in LA & NY

Don't miss John Truby as he brings his famed 3-day story and screenwriting "Anatomy of Story" Master Class to Los Angeles (Oct. 28-30, 2012) and New York (Nov. 4-6, 2011). From first time writers to A-List writers, producers and directors, Truby's class is considered a must-attend by serious screenwriters and TV writers.

Over the last 25 years, more than 30,000 writers have attended his sold-out seminars around the world, with the American Film Institute declaring that Truby's "course allows a writer to succeed in the fiercely competitive climate of Hollywood."  Called “the best script doctor in the movie industry,” Truby serves as a story consultant to major studios and production companies worldwide, and has been a script doctor on more than 1,500 movies, sitcoms and television dramas for the likes of Disney, Sony Pictures, FOX, HBO, Alliance Atlantis, BBC,MTV and more. His former students' work have earned more than $15 billion at the box office and include such hits as Pirates of the Caribbean, District 9, X-Men I/II/III, Shrek, House, Lost, Family Guy, Planet of the Apes, Scream, The Negotiator, Star Wars, Sleepless in Seattle, Outbreak, African Cats (which Truby co-wrote for Disney) and more.

Truby’s principles and methods are the most modern, exciting approach to screenwriting and storytelling to be developed in a generation.

More Information:

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Script Pipeline Supports: InkTip is a screenplay facilitation company that helps Industry Professionals find good scripts & writers.

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