How do I submit my script to the competition or other services?

Registration can be made by visiting the individual contest or services pages. After registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email with further instruction.

I registered, but didn’t see a place to upload my script. Where do I do that?

All scripts are emailed. Send your script to and for notes services to We’ll confirm receipt within two business days, but usually within an hour or two after submitting.

For all the contests, what should be on my cover page for submissions?

The cover page for all contests should exclude your name and contact info.

Who are your industry contacts?

We’ve formed a number of relationships with execs over the past 17 years, a  group comprised of managers, producers, agents, directors, and other industry who review our competition finalists and “Recommend” projects. Companies include Good Fear Management, Lakeshore Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, UTA, Darko Entertainment, and over 200 more companies seeking new material.

Qualified industry may request inclusion in Script Pipeline’s network here.

Have writers from Script Pipeline found agents or managers, or sold their screenplays?

Several. With many writers having produced their films and launched a career in writing for film and television due to Script Pipeline’s long-term facilitation: Script Pipeline Success Stories.

If I have an idea for a script, can I submit for review?

Yes, for synopses, treatments, and general pitches, you may submit for written notes. We also have our Great Movie Idea and Great TV Show Idea competitions, which are exclusive to film and television concepts.

How do I know my work’s protected?

The rights to any creative material submitted for notes or the competitions remain with the writer. For more information on copyrighting your work, visit the Writers Guild of America West. We do not require scripts be registered with the WGA, but it’s recommended.

Let’s say I sell my screenplay as a result of Script Pipeline’s help, do you take a percentage of the sale price?

Nope. Script Pipeline never has, and never will, take a percentage if a writer sells or options a script we help develop.

How do you select your readers?

When it comes to our reader selection process, we’re extremely picky, and a candidate must have a considerable amount of experience specifically in development. at minimum three years but preferably five. Most of our current readers have over 10 years experience and previously worked, or currently work, for a number of studios and production companies.


Can I pitch you my script ideas, or will you consider circulating my script without submitting to a contest or other Script Pipeline review channel?

In order to receive exposure to our industry contacts, and for us to assist in the circulation process, all material must be submitted for notes or through a Script Pipeline competition. We use this as screening process to ensure our partners receive only the best material.

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