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“The Living Wake”, Produced by Script Pipeline, Stars Jesse Eisenberg – Now on Amazon

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Now available on Amazon Prime and Netflix (previously available on Hulu and other streaming networks).

The uniquely iconic dramedy stars Academy Award-Nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social NetworkBatman vs. Superman), Mike O’Connell, comedian Jim Gaffigan, Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale), and an ensemble cast. Script Pipeline Executive Director Chad Clough produced and raised financing for the indie.

From Variety: “Pic defies all categorization. . . . Playing opposite the monumental O’Connell would seem to be an impossible assignment, but Eisenberg is note-perfect as his steady servant and go-to guy. Supporting ensemble couldn’t be more colorful.”

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Three Contest Finalist Scripts Optioned by Bohemia Group Originals

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In February and March 2017, Bohemia Group Originals optioned three Script Pipeline Screenwriting and TV Writing Competition finalist scripts: Bradley Stryker’s action/thriller The Dragon Run, Diana Wright’s comedy pilot Franchise, and Nadeemi Siddiqui’s romcom Slut. All three placed in the 2016 competitions.

“We are thrilled to be working with the whole team at Script Pipeline,” said Bohemia CEO Susan Ferris. “They have quickly proven to be an extremely valuable resource for solid material and incredible writers. While these two projects could not be more different from one another, they meet the standard of quality, entertainment value, and unique voice that we at BGO are looking for.”

The option agreements come on the heels of Script Pipeline hiring Creative Executive Jeff McCrann in November 2016. Bohemia was one of several new contacts made, as McCrann and Senior Executive Matt Joseph Misetich ramped up industry network expansion.

“After speaking with Bohemia, we felt their gameplan toward production matched up very well to the type of scripts we champion–a strong focus on storytelling, fresh concepts, and diverse voices,” Misetich said. “The fact these writers have been so great to work with over the last several months should be an encouraging sign moving forward.”

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5th Annual 2016 First Look Project Results

By | First Look Project Winners



Sweep by Matthew Barr – Winner

Matthew was born and raised far away from Hollywood. He grew up reading sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books, and watching each and every movie he could get his hands on. An early love for art and storytelling shaped Matthew’s drive and ambitions for the rest of his life. Majoring in Illustration at Rochester Institute Of Technology, with a minor in Creative Writing, Matthew was convinced that he wanted to create comic books for a living.

Soon after acquiring his art teaching certification, however, his love of visual storytelling began to crystallize into its purest form: movies. Matthew embarked on the perilous screenwriting journey and never looked back, incorporating all of his past experiences and skills into his writing.

After writing countless pages, placing in numerous contests, undertaking the FAST Screenplay program, and now winning the First Look Project for Action/Adventure, he’s just getting started. Above all else, though, Matthew is incredibly accomplished at writing about himself in the third person.

Ripple by Heather Faris – Finalist


Baked by Diana Wright – Winner

Diana Wright is a comedy writer and director based in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Growing up with an astrophysicist dad and a mom who makes weapons for the Defense Department, Diana used comedy as a way to connect with her serious (and seriously left-brain) family.

While studying at Vassar, she interned at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and fell in love with television and the intensely smart and passionate people who create it.

Diana currently writes for The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Best Fiends Forever mobile games. Her new web series #Hashtaggingwhich she wrote, directed, and produced, was an Official Selection at the 2016 New York Television Festival. Her pilot Franchise was a finalist in the Script Pipeline 2016 TV Writing Competition. And her animated pilot Magic Monkey Billionaire was one of the first four pilots placed on the Amazon Studios development slate. At the beginning of 2014, Diana was one of two people asked to join the first Nickelodeon’s Writers Room Experience in conjunction with the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship (where she was a Finalist in 2012).  Donnie Brock PI in Knock Knock, Who’s Dead?, a film noir spoof she co-wrote and is slated to direct, was named a Finalist in the LA Comedy Festival, a Semi-Finalist in the LA Comedy Shorts Festival, and a Finalist in the JuntoBox Incubator Program.

She’s also made over 60 sketches, shorts, and web series that have been featured on Comedy Central, Funny or Die, Channel 101, Cracked, Dorkly, Fark, Atom, and DipDive, among others.

She is currently seeking representation, but trying not to seem too desperate about it.

One Day Notice by Matthew Kic & Mike Sorce – Finalist

Slammin’ by Brandon Martin – Finalist


Capture by David Scullion – Winner

David Scullion is a British-born screenwriter living in “sunny” London.

Developing a passion for the arts at a young age, his journey to screenwriting took him through a Theater Studies degree into stage acting, horror novel writing, postal working, and retail management, and finally moved into account management in Film & Television, where he’s been dwelling for almost a decade. He is currently a Technical Operations Coordinator at Lionsgate UK.

Primarily a feature writer, David Scullion is also a short filmmaker, actor, and occasional zombie. He wrote the award-winning horror short Don’t Move and gained a placement on the 4screenwriting TV course in 2013 with his horror-comedy feature Dearly Beheaded.

He has a number of features currently out for finance/directors in both the US and UK (all within the horror/thriller space).

A passion for comedy and horror, his favorite films are The Thing and An American Werewolf in London. Although he does really like The Lion King. . . .

Fire Will Roar by Andreas Rønning – Finalist

Boy Killers by Tannaz Hazemi – Finalist


What the Fox Said by James Stewart – Winner

James Stewart is a writer, director and founder of digital and animation studio Geneva Film Co. in Toronto, Canada.  James’ work is notably in live action, VFX, stop-motion and CG animation on platforms ranging from mobile to giant screen including gesture control, projection mapping, and VR. What The Fox Said is his first screenplay.

James’ award-winning work as a commercial director includes global brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Samsung and Sprint. In 2012, he produced the world’s first gesture-controlled 3D cinema game for Samsung Galaxy. His stop-motion 3D film Foxed! has won 8 awards, screened at over 100 film festivals and opened at #1 on iTunes. Foxed! is currently in development as an animated feature film and VR experience.

See the Foxed! short here

James’ 3D work on Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams was awarded the Lumière Award for Best 3D Documentary and was called “the reinvention of the cinema medium” by The Guardian. He is the co-author of Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising’s Next Generation launched at SXSW2015. James was recently featured on the cover of PLAYBACK Magazine, the Directors issue of SHOOT magazine, and the Innovation issue of SHOTS, and he is a six-time speaker at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. At TED2011, he presented the TEDtalk Storytelling in the Next Dimension.

Mr. Moon by Michael Langer – Finalist


The Devil in Evelyn by Ben Soper & Tyler Soper – Winner

Ben and Tyler Soper are identical twins who grew up in Northern California, constantly being confused for each other and hating it. Determined to become as different as humanly possible they both grew sideburns, moved to LA to attend film school (UCLA & USC), and tried really hard to care about the sports rivalry.

Eventually, Ben married a dude, Tyler grew a beard, and people started thinking maybe they were just cousins or something. Cousins who COULD READ EACH OTHER’S MINDS–just kidding. That never happened.

Ben and Tyler pay the bills as editors in the high art of reality TV and celebrity gossip news. Every day after they realize what they’ve done and stop crying, they write scripts and sometimes drink.

They write sci-fi and horror for film and TV and have been finalists at Slamdance, Screamfest, and the Table Read My Screenplay contest. Despite their best efforts, they still occasionally show up wearing the same thing.

Epic Failures by Chelsea Davison – Finalist

Princes’ Hospital by Lisa Kors – Finalist


Nathan Loves Ricky Martin by Llewellyn Michael Bates, Bryan Chau, & Steven Arriagada – Winner

The Diverse Films team is a Melbourne-based production company; they are AACTA/AFI nominated for their short film “Nathan Loves Ricky Martin,” which has gone on to win multiple awards in both Australian and international festivals and was recently announced the winner of the prestigious 2016 Script Pipeline First Look Project.

Steven Arriagada, Llewellyn Michael Bates and Bryan Chau are currently developing a feature based on the characters of “Nathan Loves Ricky Martin” as well as an action adventure novel titled Red Armour set in ancient China.

City Bus by Lauren Hoekstra – Finalist

Foxed by James Stewart – Finalist

Moonlight – Screenplay

By | Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots

It’s arguable what the most important element of a movie is. The plot hooks the audience, the directing keeps the audience entertained, and the theme gives the audience something to think about once the credits start rolling. However, at the center of each of these elements are the characters. Movies that lack strong characters will often feel hollow—a movie can have the largest, most exciting set pieces, but without strong characters, the audience won’t have anything to truly connect with.

Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins and written by Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney (based on McCraney’s unpublished play), is perhaps the purest example of a character study. The film is divided into three chapters, and each centers on Chiron, a young black man from a rough neighborhood coming to terms with his sexuality, at different stages his life (childhood, adolescence, and adulthood). In lesser hands, this structure could feel jagged and lack cohesion, but Jenkins and McCraney connect the stories through the film’s themes (which include masculinity and sexuality) and through Chiron’s relationships.

The first chapter (“Little,” Chiron’s nickname as a twelve-year-old) sets the stage for the rest of the movie: Little befriends a local drug dealer named Juan (Mahershala Ali in an Oscar-winning role), who becomes a surrogate father of sorts. He’s the first person to accept Little for who he is, sexuality and all, and his absence is felt throughout the rest of the movie (a testament to the strength of Ali’s acting and Jenkins and McCraney’s screenplay). In the second chapter (“Chiron”), Chiron navigates life without his father figure’s influence, and the final chapter (“Black”) shows him emulating Juan in both aesthetics and career. The other relationships are also great (his drug-addicted mother, his first teenage romance, and Juan’s supportive girlfriend each help shape Chiron and the film), but Chiron and Juan’s relationship serves as the backbone. Without it, there would be no story.

This was a personal script (both Jenkins and McCraney based the characters off real people and the story off their own experiences), and the passion they have for the story and the characters shows. That’s the reason why Moonlight won Best Picture—it’s personal, moving film that tells a universal message. For writers, this is simply a film worth aspiring to.

Read the Moonlight Screenplay


February 2017 Script Sales

By | Script Sales

STX Entertainment has optioned The New Neighbors, a spec written by Leslie Headland and David Schickler. The psychological drama follows a couple who move into an affluent area and uncover dirty secrets within. Headland is also attached to direct. Amblin acquired John Swetnam’s action/thriller spec Ruthless in an auction. The script follows a retired assassin who sets out on one final job after she’s diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Brad Peyton to direct. Black Bear Pictures acquired The Impossible War, a drama spec written by Robert Specland, based on the true story of Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin’s search for the polio cure. Sony picked up Teddy Tenenbaum and Minsun Park’s supernatural thriller spec /Reddoor, which follows a journalist as he reviews a new app game that kills its players. Finally, Amazon Studios and RatPac Entertainment are teaming for Melissa London Hilfers’s script Unfit, based on Adam Cohen’s nonfiction book Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck. Dakota Johnson is attached to star.

Other script sales include:

– J.P. Delaney to adapt his upcoming novel The Perfect Wife for Imagine Entertainment.

– Daniel Pearle to adapt his play A Kid Like Jake for That’s Wonderful Productions and Double Nickel Entertainment. Silas Howard to direct, Jim Parsons and Claire Danes to star.

– Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen to produce and star in Dan Sterling’s Black List script Flarsky.

– Joe Carnahan to write the X-Men spinoff X-Force, based on the Marvel comic book series created by Rob Liefeld.

– Universal Pictures has tapped Dan Mazeau to write their Van Helsing reboot.

– Hossein Amini to adapt Stephen Walker’s nonfiction book Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima for Universal and Working Title. Cary Fukunaga to possibly direct.

11th Great Movie Idea Contest Results

By | Great Movie Idea Contest Finalists

Grand Prize Winner

Curly Sue Found Dead by Natalia Arias

Natalia Celine Arias is a multifaceted artist and designer from Miami, Florida. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art, where she also strongly focused on Video/Film Arts.

With a passion for creative direction and writing, she dedicates herself to music, film, and pop culture while emphasizing strong ties to diversity in the entertainment industry within her work.

She lives in Baltimore, MD and works as a Senior Graphic Designer for Jean Hill Studios, a full-service impact media firm specializing in film, design, photography, and social impact events. – www.nataliacarias.com



Guilda by Francine Labrecque

9th Great TV Show Idea Contest Results

By | Great TV Show Idea Contest Finalists

Grand Prize Winner

Snoopy by Alexandra Allred

Alexandra Allred won the U.S. Nationals in September 1994, making sports history as she was named to the first women’s bobsled team. She was named Athlete of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee for her sport and made international news as she was also pregnant at the time. She appeared in Sports Illustrated, a PBS documentary, HBO Sports and USA Today while she fought the long battle to have women’s bobsledding included in the Olympic Games, promptly retired and began playing professional women’s football for a feature with Sports Illustrated. She became an adventure writer while teaching martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, spinning, bootcamp, and pilates at a community college and gym outside Dallas, Texas.

Allred returned to school to earn her PhD in Kinesiology with special interest in fitness for the special needs. She is the founder of FUEL workout, a new exercise routine for those who have physical disabilities and/or medical issues. She is a public speaker with special emphasis on motivational, health/wellness, education and children but, also, loves writing fiction in her free time. With books such as White Trash and Damaged Goods, Allred uses humor for social commentary on those less-than-funny issues.


Space Show by Itai Inselberg

January 2017 Script Sales

By | Script Sales

It was a slower month to start the year. Twentieth Century Fox and Sunswept Entertainment have picked up Skyward, Joe Ballarini’s drama spec based on two families that build a hot-air balloon to escape over the Berlin Wall. Based on a true story. Another true story spec: Samuel Franco and Evan Kilgore’s drama spec Keeper of the Diary found a home with Fox Searchlight and Weimaraner Republic Pictures. The script follows Anne Frank’s father who struggles to find a publisher for his daughter’s diary after World War II. Universal Pictures won out in a bidding war for Rowan Athale’s spec Little America, which takes place after America has become so bankrupt that China begins calling all the shots. Michael Bay to produce, Athale to also direct. Finally, Prime Universe Productions and Marlowe Pictures are teaming for Slayer, an action/fantasy spec written by Joel Dorland. The story follows a fisherman who seeks vengeance on four demonic knights who kidnapped his wife and slaughtered his village.

Other script sales include:

– Paramount picked up Action Park, written by John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky, and Johnny Knoxville. Tim Kirby to direct, Knoxville to star/produce.

– Molly Smith Metzler to adapt Ali Benjamin’s YA novel The Thing About Jellyfish for OddLot. Reese Witherspoon to produce.

– Joby Harold has been tapped to rewrite The Flash for DC/Warner Bros.

– Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s company Gary Sanchez will produce the 2015 Black List script Crook County, written by Aaron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly, who will both direct as well.

– Stephen Gaghan to adapt the video game Tom Clancy’s The Division. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain to star.

– Kenya Barris to write the White Men Can’t Jump remake for Twentieth Century Fox.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Pilot

By | Essential Reading - Screenplays and Pilots

The one major upside to having so many outlets for television series is that more networks are willing to take risks on shows that otherwise might not be made. Take for instance The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a self-aware musical comedy about, well, a crazy ex-girlfriend (but the situation’s a lot more nuanced than that). Star, writer, and co-creator Rachel Bloom initially got her start penning Youtube songs, many of which went viral (including her lewd but hilarious Ray Bradbury song), but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has solidified her as one of the few internet stars to find legitimate success offline.

Bloom and co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna’s pilot script follows Rebecca Bunch, who seemingly has the perfect life and prefers to see the world as a musical. She’s a lawyer in New York and makes a considerable amount of money, but nevertheless, she’s depressed and still has never gotten over Josh, a boy whom she had a brief romance with at summer camp as a teenager. After a chance encounter on the streets of NYC, she discovers that he’s moving back to West Covina, California, and impulsively decides to move there too. But she just wanted to get away from New York. She totally didn’t move there for him. Not at all.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend earns major points for its unique voice. There simply aren’t many musicals on TV anymore, and the songs’ self-aware satirical lyrics (written by Bloom, Jack Dolgen, and Adam Schlesinger) gloriously fill that void. Where else would West Covina get a musical number that paints the city as a Disney-esque fantasy world where dreams come true? (To be fair, it is only “two hours from the beach, four in traffic.”) But apart from the show’s style, the show succeeds because of its characters. Although Rebecca does some shady things throughout each episode, her goal is grounded in unrequited love, a feeling many of us can relate to, and she keeps her intentions (specifically her crush on Josh) a secret, which creates a constant sense of tension as she digs herself deeper and deeper.

But most importantly, the show has heart. Rebecca is a deeply flawed character with issues that she tries her best to ignore, but it’s difficult not to root for her (thanks in no small part to Bloom’s performance). As a comedy series, the show couldn’t be funnier, but the relationships are what makes it essential viewing.

Read the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Pilot

December 2016 Script Sales

By | Script Sales

Hollywood winded down in December for the holidays and the new year, which meant the last month of 2016 ended up a slow one for script sales. But it wasn’t completely silent. Amazon Studios picked up Jack Thorne’s action/adventure spec The Aeronauts, based on the true story of balloon pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher and their hot-air balloon adventure. Twentieth Century Fox acquired The State, written by Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani. The action/thriller spec follows a father in a desperate race to rescue his son. Anthony Jaswinski’s action/thriller spec Highway One, which follows an Afghanistan veteran with PTSD who resorts to extreme measures after her daughter is kidnapped, found a home at DreamWorks. Working Title Films is set to produce Luke Garrett’s The Englishman, a drama/thriller spec about East Germany’s Ministry for State Security. Paul Dano in talks to star, Edward Berger (Deutschland 83) attached to direct.

Other script sales:

– Jon Lucas and Scott Moore to write/direct A Bad Moms Christmas, sequel to their 2016 hit Bad Moms.

– Tracy Oliver to adapt Nicola Yoon’s young adult novel The Sun Is Also A Star for Warner Bros.

– Cristal Pictures acquired Adam Robitel and Gavin Heffernan’s sci-fi pitch about scientific experiments that are intended to help global warming, yet backfire.

– Daniel Clowes to adapt Patience for Focus Features from his own graphic novel.

– Nick Yarborough (Letters from Rosemary) to adapt the biography The Secret Life of Dr. James Miranda Barry: Victorian England’s Most Eminent Surgeon for Maven Pictures and Crystal City Entertainment.

– Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg to rewrite the Overboard remake for MGM.

– Rodney Rothman to write/direct the female-driven spin-off to the 21 Jump Street franchise. He previously wrote 22 Jump Street.